Ultra TravelDrive Review: Mini hard disk from Memorex

Ultra TravelDrive
In January 2007, only one day after the launching of one terabyte harddisk from Hitachi, Memorex launchs portable data storage product called Ultra TravelDrive in Consumer Electronic Show, Las Vegas, Nevada, United States.

Ultra TravelDrive is a storage device using harddisk drive 2,5 inchs technology, so that its form is compact and portable. Even small and easy to brought in hand, this storage device having capacities 120GB and 160GB.

That big data capacity is enough to accomodate around 53.000 photo files (JPEG), playable music file until 116 days nonstop, or 13 hours DV camera record (uncompress). Altogether is placed in mini box which few larger than eyeglasses boxes. Its weight is only 1/4 kilograms.

The display is so stylish and ergonomic. In a flash its form looking like agenda book. The corner made from jagged black colour rubber material, so will not be slippery when user bought it. It is present with metallic charcoal wrapper.

The covers can be changes with other colour, that is blue colour (ocean blue) and black (onyx black) for 120 GB storage and green (sagebrush green) and white (arctic white glossy) for 160 GB storage.

Its interface using USB port, so this equipment applicable to saving data from various desktop computer types and laptop, either having Mac and also personal computer platform. Electrical supply also conneted through USB cable, so don’t require any power supply again.

But, Ultra TravelDrive still be equiped with power cable, so when this device connected to old computer, it can still work. Ultra TravelDrive is also equiped with special button to do duplicate the data.

Quick Backup Button will facilitate user when start to saving data. With one touch, it directly installing backup software program (ArcSoft TotalMedia Backup) into computer which the data will be copied.

Then, this software offers some various back up data storages method. You can do it manually by choosing one by one files or folder which will be copied or do it automatically by chose specific file type to be kept, for example music file or video.

When it is in process of transferring data from computer, light emitting diode (LED) lamp located near by electrical contact would be flip-flop. Yellows LED would be flip-flop when Ultra TravelDrive removing the data with USB 1.1 speeds. Meanwhile, if green LED is flip-flop, it means this equipment is removing data from computer with USB 2.0 speed.

Ultra TravelDrive Review
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