Samsung YP-T10 Review: Tiny and Cheap Music Player

Samsung YP-T10
In this year-end, Samsung is launchs their new music player line, Samsung YP-P2, YP-S5, and YP-T10. Among three, YP-T10 is the smalest, light and economic music player. But, is not mean that YP-T10 is worst than other player.

Like YP-P2, YP-T10 provides three storage capacities choices, that is 2GB, 4GB, and 8GB (YP-S5 only provide 2GB capacities). Besides, this player present in various colour choices, that is black, white, purple, red, and yellows.

This music player takes the same form with its predecessor music player, Samsung YP-K3, and takes the features of the YP-T9. Its design is simple and cute. Although light, YP-T10 still felt solid and not frail.

YP-T10 has 2-inch TFT LCD screen, take almost half place of its front part. Picture presented is sharply enough. Under the screen there is the navigation button which sensitive to finger touch. USB UART 24 port located in under side.

Better than YP-K3, its 320 x 240 pixels (QVGA) screen resolution can play video with format of MPEG-4 and WMV with 30 frames per second (fps) speed. Meanwhile, for music, this gadget can play MP3 and WMA file.

Interface system owned by YP-T10 is clearly not look like Apple iPod interface and navigation. Samsung creates dog cartoon character so called Sammy, which will guide user in doing navigation.

Maybe it’s sound weird and odd. But, the children will love it. Adult user can choose one of provided themes. Its menus arranged to be neat, the navigation is designed intuitively, and the text easy to be read.

Samsung interface software at personal computer offers something interesting. He would automatically do podcast RSS feed synchronization when YP-T10 connected to computer. It also will update and download every file which you are subscribes to, and direct transfers it at Datacast menu in the music player.

When tested in our lab, the sound is so amaze me. The voice not fails if matched to Apple iPod Classic voice, by using Denon AH-D5000 headphone. The result, YP-T10 voice heard to be more loudly, crunchy, and solid.

Particularly if talking about its screen quality. It is really hotstuff screen. Video record and photo is presented sharply and so detail. But, because it’s glossy screen, YP-T10 is not able to yield black colour with good quality.

To support its harmony, this player also provides some equalizer styles which easy to access. It applies Samsung voice technology what named Digital Natural Sound engine (DNSe). This technology claimed able to present high quality acoustic sound for user.

Besides, YP-T10 has FM radio player, Bluetooth stereo (AD2P and AVRCP), voice recorder (working with internal microphone), and text viewer application.

Samsung YP-T10 Specs

- Dimension: 96 x 41,5 x 7,9 mm
- Weight: 43 grams
- Memory: 2 GB/4 GB/8GB
- Colour: black (midnight black), white (cloud white), purple (mythic purple), red (maple red), yellows (lime yellow)
- Screen Size: 2 inch
- Resolution: 240 x 320 pixel (QVGA)
- Duration:
- 30 hours for audio
- 4 hour for video
- Bluetooth: A2DP and AVCRP version 2.0
- Voice effect: DSNE 2.0
- Audio: MP3, WMA
- Video: WMV, MPEG-4
- Other feature: FM Radio, Text Viewer, Photo (JPEG), and voice recorder

Samsung YP-T10 Review
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