VholdR Review: Helmet Camera for The Adventurers

VholdR helmet camera
From snowy hillside, the idea emerged three years ago. Marc Barros wishes to record him self madness action skating on the snow surface with his friend, Jason Green. What a pity, the video camera is dead because the extreme temperature.

These Washington University (Seattle) skaters also almost die because operating the camera at the same time as skating. After this ugly experience, comes the idea to makes helmet with camera which light, strong, and enough to be operated with one finger touch.

In Portland, United States, that idea becomes reality. VholdR helmet video camera is born, promoted by Twenty 20, Barros and Green Company. This camera even gets for best design in CES Innovations 2008 in last Novembers.

VholdR helmet camera has small size, easy to wear, and ready to record extreme activity at the same time quickly upload its record to site like YouTube. “This camera compatible to outdoor adventure sport lover, like ski, snow skating, motor races, kayak, and wall climbing,” said Barros.

VholdR has equipment which making it hung on helmet of extreme sport fans. The weight only 4,8 ounces with length 3,7 inchs, so that not too encumbers the user head and helmet.

VholdR of course is not the first video camera which able to be hung in helmet. Oregon Scientific, Samsung, and Logitech has owned similar product.

This camera equipped with good features. This camera also contains shock regulator technology so that the record can be enjoyed without unnecessary disturb.

What nore fun, when worn in head, there is available the twin laser to know recording object boundary. So that the user is unnecessary worryed to wrong recorded or get wrong target.

Like Barros and Green dream, VholdR created shatterproof. Its body made from aluminium anodized which is anti-shock, no problem if sprinkling by water, anti-dust and dirt, anticorrosion, and also light weight. Added with Trail Mount system, this camera is also compatible for motor trail lover.

You are unnecessary worryed of damage at cassette or harddisk, because this camera does not contain both. All record result is kept in MicroSD memory card, like as other camera vendor products.

The record ability is 30 fps with resolution 640 x 480 lines, and easy to arranged file size.
With 2GB capacities of MicroSD card its can accomodate video record until 100 minutes. This camera supported by battery which capable to operate until two hour. To transfer the video record its available USB cable connection and synchronization software with desktop computer.

Lens and its picture sensor can be rotated freely, to 192 degrees. So, picture shoot from difficult angle also can be done without difficulty.

The camera operational is easy. Enough with one red buttons on the top, user will not get difficulty to operates it when start action in difficult field.

Available also LED lamp on the top and bottom of camera to indicate the condition of battery and memory limit. Green light means free to records, but, if the light changes to yellows, means an alert to stop record. After get red light, means you can’t record any video again.

This camera will be ship to market at this Christmas. You can order it at site. The Price is US$ 349.99.

VholdR Specs:

Dimension: 95 x 53 mm
Weight: 4,8 ounces
Camera: CMOS Sensor type, very sensitive at low light condition
Lens: ¼ inch 4G type, 3,6 mm size. 90 degrees viewpoint
Video: 30 fps, mpeg4 (. avi)
Memory: MicroSD (supports MicroSD HC)
Connectivity: Mini USB 2.0
Purchasing Package is including helmet hanger and USB cable

VholdR Review
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