Violin Robot from Toyota

Violin Robot Toyota
Have ever heard the analogy about someone is having stiff and haves no soft side? He often is told alike robot. Moving stiff; without heart, and without art soul. But, soon the analogy will not apply again. The reason is, now robot also has art soul.

That is the capability planted by Toyota Motor Corp. at its newest product, namely violinist robot.

The robot form looks alike humanoid robots made in Toyota before. Having white colour with height around 1,5 meter and has two feets. It can run with speeds until 4 km/hours. The movement is also almost alike human.

Besides, the robot fingers have 17 hinges which able to be applied like human finger. Including, depress string at violin fingerboard. The robot also has harmonization ability between left with right arms. So, the robot can stringed violin to play certain songs.

The fingers also very sensitive and can do complicated movements. Like, depress violin strings high-speedly. The robot even can give vibrato effect (vibrant, Red) when its left hand depressing violin string.

At 2005, Toyota also have introduced similar skilled robot. All has sense of music. The robot consisted of two variants. One robot is move with foot, and one another move with wheel. Its size is smaller than “violinist”. Robot by foot has height 120 cm, and the robot by wheel has height 100 cm.

Music instrument played by the two robots is different. The new generation robot is playing violin. While two predecessor robots is play trumpet.

The robot has the ability because has artificial “lip”. The lip can make a move and blows air. Like whats done by human lip. He can coordinated lip blow with hand movement. The robot movement is not only blow. The robot can play some songs with trumpet, like the one is done by human.

The robots not only stand as music player. They also designed as man assistant robot. Of course, its agility and movement precision is extraordinary accurate.

“We wish to make robot which good for man in everyday life,” said Katsuaki Watanabe, CEO of Toyota Motor Corp. Forwards, company that is also one of the biggest car producer plans to add intelligent ability. So, the robot can be functioned as street guide or a tour guide.

For a while, the robots have not ready on market. But, Toyota plans to apply it in hospital and some its sub companies starting next year.

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