Teamgeist II : Smart Ball from Adidas

Teamgeist II
For most football lover, goal information is enough to be known in just minute time. But, there is nothing wrong gets more accurate data from a match. One of them is, determines the second when goal is made. This made in Adidas ball, Teamgist II, will realize it.

Ball form is not far different with normally ball. Its form remains to be circular with 100 % polyurethane material. One different thing is only the external design. Its form no longer be consisted of hexagonal and pentagon areas. But, its lines are design in the form of curvatures which is in the closing form of number 8, like previous Teamgist generation before.

Teamgist II also can do other complicated job. The collaboration ball product with Cairos Technologies can determine when and how the ball passes gate line. Then, the goal is can be said legitimate. More, the technology can record ball movement and all player activity in the field.

That thing can be done because the activity integration of three sectors. That is, ball, field line, and the sensor at wristwatch used by line judge and referee on the field.

Inside ball, planted sensor is recording all field angles as an electromagnetic field. The record is transmitted to main computer which always watchs ball position in field. The record result directly reported to signal receiver in wristwatch the game officers.

When ball pass gate border line, will be sent notification signal to game officer wristwatch. Of course is equiped with data display about time note when the goal is scored.

“The technology purpose is to making football gane become more transparent. Also to assists referee to make right decision, what influences result and quality of game,” said Hans-Peter Nuernberg, Adidas Innovation Team senior researcher.

“Now, the technology of course is still in a experiment period. But, we would continuously improve the system until reach 100% accurate” said Nuernberg more.

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