SGH i450, SGH F330, SGH F210 Review: Samsung Music Phone Series

SGH i450, SGH F330, SGH F210
Sony Ericsson seems not walks alone anymore in music celphone market with their Walkman phone series. Samsung, phone vendor from South Korea, enter the market with three music phone which launched firstly in Europe.

Samsung has launched music phone which bundle in Ultra series, namely SGH F300 ltra Music, some times ago. This time, Samsung is launch SGH i450, SGH F330, and SGH F210. All phones operate in tri-band network (900/1.800/1.900 megahertzs).

The most interesting variant among the three is SGH i450, which coming up with double sliding model and having platform Symbian S60 third generation software.

When phone body is sliding upward, it will acticated high tech smartphone features with 1,2 inchs LCD screen. Then, if sliding downwards, coming up is SGH i450 features as music phone with 2,4 inchs screen.

In underside there is metallic speaker with B&O ICEpower amplifier. Other entertainment at this gadget is FM Radio.

But, the phone minus point is at the internal memory which only offered 35MB. That small capacities only ready to keep seven to ten songs. Small memory not ought to exist at at music phone. Jusy compares it to W950i, one of Sony Ericsson Walkman phone, which sold with 4GB internal memory.

Storage capacities of SGH i450 of course can be improved with Micro-SD card exernal memory. This card capacity can be improved until 4GB.

Happily, this phone is works in Wideband Code Division Multiple Access (WCDMA) broadband network and supports high-speed data service of High-Speed Downlink Packet Access (HSDPA) to 3,6 Mbps.

The second series is SGH F330. This is the next generation of F300. This phone is having slimmer body compared to the other. Thickness only 13,5 inchs.

Even the bodi is thin; technology planted in the body is also sophisticated like i450. As continuation of F300 series, most all feature inside equal to the predecessor.

But, do not like F300, F330 has adopted HSDPA as i450, with capacities 3,6 Mbps. This phone is also equipped with 2 megapixel camera.

This phone music control is place at front and at the side of its body. Its internal memory is smaller than i450 (24MB). But remain provided Micro-SD card external memory which able to be upgraded until 2GB.

The last series is SGH F210, having swivel design (can be turned around by one axises). The up center of this phone is the axis, so that when turned around, you would see the keypad in phone underside.

Differs from two other serieses, F210 is equipped by 1GB internal memory and Micro-SD card for external memory. This phone body which not equipped with HSDPA features having 31 milimeters width and 21 milimeters thick dimension.

Besides as music player which controlled by navigation wheel, like iPod typical, below its screen, this phone is come with FM Radio feature supported by Radio Data System (RDS). SGH F210, which sold at the price of 280 euro, will be launched in Germany as F330.

SGH i450, SGH F330, SGH F210 Review
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