Cowon Q5W: Super-Portable Media Player

Still remember at Cowon? This is the South Korean electronic company which produce iAudio MP3 player with Swing Touch unique navigation system.

Recently Cowon launchs super-portable media player (PMP), which already displayed in Consumer Electronics Show, Las Vegas, United States, in the beginning of this year.

The PMP is Cowon Q5W, which is already launched in America and Asian only. In Korea, the PMP had been launched at May, by Cowon Q5 name. The difference, Q5W already equipped by Wi-Fi Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g network connection.

By this connection, user can browse the Internet, including seen flash animation in web site. Besides, Q5W provides Bluetooth and USB connection.

Alike an ultra-mobile personal computer (UMPC), this PMP brain is AMD Alchemy AU 1.250 processor with 600 megahertzs speed clock, with 40GB and 60 GB hard disk capacities. This is the first gadget from Cowon which using Windows CE 5.0 Operating System.

This 13,8 x 8,8 x 2 centimeter dimension device has 5 inch widescreen TFT touch screen LCD, with 800 x 480 pixel resolution. Bright enough in its class, it’s because Q5W can transmit 16 million colours with 500:1 contrast ratio.

Not only plays video from DivX, MPEG-4, Windows Media, and XviD, PMP also can play photo which having JPG, BMP, PNG, and RAW format, at the same time also can present text file.

Actually, at PMP Q5 is also planted digital TV tuner (DAM technology), digital TV system used in Korea. But, because Q5W is sold outside Korea, this feature not used at Q5W.

Playable audio format is MP3, OGG, WMA, WAV, ASF, and FLAC (lossless codec compression). Besides, Q5W also can acquire music which coming from local radio station (76-108 megahertzs signal).

Through 68 mWatt earphone or 2 watt external speaker, user will be pleased with sound processing technology, like BBE which making more clear sound, Mach3Bass to heavy sound, MP ENHANCE to return harmonious sound that lose at compression, 3D Surround, Bass, and Treble.

The gadget has black metal body. Q5W provides virtual button which located in screen left and right side, so the user can grasp it easyly besides doing navigation. Applies user created interface, user also can settings its graphics user interface directly.

Besides, Cowon Q5W is applicable to record sound. Actually, Q5W is also able to be attached by navigation craddle module which functioning as GPS receiver. In Korea, Q5 is attached by Mando Mappy MXG map application, which will guide user to correct direction. But, this feature is optional optional.

COWON Q5W comes in two choices - based on HDD capacities, which are 40 GB (around US$ 550) and 60 GB (around US$ 600). Its internal battery claimed can life until 13 hours to play audio and 7 hour to play on video. He will be available in United States and Asia at end of this year.

With its various abilities, Cowon Q5W is become very useful friend. Supposes it is supplied with handwriting recognition feature and can edit text, its will not different as entertainment gadget and as UMPC.

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