Altina GBT-709 Bluetooth GPS Receiver

“Easy Way Easy Going”, said slogan that is described at packaging of Altine GBT-709 Bluetooth GPS Receiver. This product of course made to facilitate you when go to foreign place but refuse to being lost. The light weight and its user friendly feature is 2 thing which making Altina as on the way friend.

Inside Altina there is GPS SiRF Star III signal receiver chipset. With this chipset, Altina promises good GPS signal receiving though operated at full barrier place. We also vexed to try explores with this peripheral. The result, Altina still can show good position in GPS map though we put it under car chair. Though has sensitive good signal receiving, Altina still supplying its peripheral with outside antenna connector which you can buy it separately. But with already having good signal receiving, this antenna connector will never used. Except you requires perfect signal receiving to get high GPS position accuracy.

One mores interesting from Altina GBT-709 it is the lithium ion battery. This battery is simply fitts in with Nokia series 3 battery (BL-5C) and easy to be found in the market. Mean if any times you need to change the battery, surely its will not difficult to look for the new one. If you used Altina standard lithium battery continually, Altina can last to 10 hours and can be recharged through USB port from PC or Altina charger.

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