Compaq Presario V3502TU Review: Great Performance with Class Design

Compaq Presario V3502TU
Along promotion of the new logo, HP starts clearly positions its Compaq series notebook. If HP Pavilion series positioned as upper class notebook, hence Compaq Presario series is more positioned as notebook for segment below its.

Compaq Presario V3502 which we tested is the first notebook in new era of Compaq. This Notebook has applied Intel Centrino platform Santa Rosa generation. Operating System of this notebook has applied Windows Vista, even only Home Basic version.

We call it “only” because Vista Home Basic is the lowest version from Vista. Main feature of Vista of course still be available, but Aero cannot appear in Vista Home Basic version. Though the 3D Flip display or transparent windows becoming the Aero characteristic is one of the very interesting feature a least from visual side. This notebook already applied best component but not too maximum because the limitation of Operating System.

If you like to sees true performance of this notebook, applies it for serious activity like doing multitasking or multimedia encoding. As seen from the test, this notebook has equivalent speed with notebook on other Santa Rosa bases. Though the processor applied is Intel T7100 (1,8GHz) which is lowest speed processor from the line of Santa Rosa processor.

This 2, 4 kgs notebook design is alike like Compaq Presario V3125TU series which we tested before. The main material is technology InPrint plastic, what marked with gleam surface with unique line pattern. Usage of the material of course is at risk to dirty whne hit by fingerprint, but we like its luxuriant impression which looks from its gleam surface.

While from usage side, we like its curved keyboard button so every button felt distance one another. But this notebook has the same issue like notebook which using plastical material, which is felt hot in left side of hand arm. While its screen can present bright picture but its viewing angle in vertical side rather limited.

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