Creative HQ-2300D: Home Theater on Your Ear

From the beginning of we must said that Creative HQ-300D is an excellent product. All of it can be posible due to a decoder which supporting Dolby Digital technology. By using two Alkaline AA batteries, this gear give pleasant to your ear when enjoying film, listens music, even plays game console.

First of all, we are tested the headset with car machine whir in race-tracks and ammo bang in a world war II at game PC. When Dolby headphones or Dolby Pro Logic II function is activated, output voices felt more superb. Commentator voice also still be heard so clear even is surrounded by other sounds.

Noisy sound from DVD film is presented with wonderful in this headphone especially if activating Dolby Pro II function. Dialogues are heard clean and explosion sound makes my heart to tick. For music, we feel a little different. HQ-2300D likely is more suited for hard music compared to soft music.

Other thing else which setling HQ-2300D as personal entertainment peripheral is provided various cables with various connector types (stereo, RCA SP/DIF to mini-jack, RCA to stereo) at sale package. You also can install two headphones at the same time which connected at box decoder.

Tremendous audio quality which emerges great sound arrangement becomes the excellence of Creative HQ-2300D. Flexible connection and multiple headphones port is other great feature which added in this gadget.

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