Neuros OSD: Connecting All

While Nokia carries “Connecting People” motto, Neuros OSD it’s good to called as “Connecting Devices”. This small gadget can connect all home entertainment gear with your personal computer.

This is the first based on Linux media center in world made in Neuros Technology, audio/video peripheral company which based in Chicago, United States. This open source operating system makes it can implement the third party application easily.

This equipment can be connected with television, home cinema, and functioning as “bank file”. It will keep your video or DVD content in digital files. Because functioning like external hard disk, new file also can be kept in it.

Its body is slim and curved with various output and input connection in right and left side. Purchasing package also accompanied with a remote control, RCA cable, IR Blaster, and power cable.

Neuros OSD has CF, SD, MS card port and USB port in the frontage. Through this ports its ability can be enjoyed maximumly. Other peripheral which having USB connectivity (or the file saved at memory card) can be connects with OSD.

Because of it, OSD can connect directly with iPod, webcam, DVD player, and external hard disk. This gadget also able to transfer memory card files (Memory Stick, SD, CF, and MMC) to PSP, computer, smartphone, and non-USB portable gadget.

This 230 grams gadget can record video with QVGA and VGA resolution applies different MPEG-4 format, depend on its player, like PlayStation, iPod, TV, and ponsel.

Interesting feature of this equipment is IR Blaster. With this feature, you can record two or more different displaying time or different television channel program.

Its playback ability is also great. Except H.264 format, OSD can play quicktime video format until FLV, ASF, WMV, MPEG, and MPEG4. This gadget is also able to play digital song which having MP3, WMA, OGG VORBINS, FLAC, WAV, AAC, and G.726 format.

OSD also can decode picture which having bmp, jpeg, and gif extension and functioning as picture viewer. Digital photo can be presented as slideshow in television screen.

Like personal computer, OSD is open, expandable, flexible, and applies upgrade able software and relentlessly enhanced. Neuros OSD operates with Linux open source operating system with dualcore processor from ARM9/ TI DSP which special designed for multimedia application.

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