Nokia SU-27W Review: Bluetooth Digital Pen

Nokia SU-27W
Nokia likely wishes step to various new market opportunities by launching the newest model of digital pen product, SU-27W. The product which looks like with FLY Fusion Pen product is a digital pen, with Bluetooth technology. Its means besides can be connected to PC in wirelessly, anything written or drawn by this pen can be upload to Bluetooth phone. Just like a virtual keyboard.

This pen has 1,3 MB storage capacities, equivalent with 100 pages of paper of A5 size. With slim dimension, that is 15,7 x 2,4 x 2,1 cm, and weight only 37,5 grams.

The saving data technique through a conversion process, where every written message will directly changed to digital text format passed handwriting recognition technology. Hereinafter may directly send to Symbian S60 or S80 phone which compatible.

As power resource, this digital pen uses Lithium Ion battery with 180 mAh capacities. This power can offer standby time until 20 hours, while uses time reach 3 hour.

Nokia SU-27W Review
- Model: Digital pen
- Dimension: 15,7x2,4x2,1 cm
- Weight: 37,5 grams
- Memory: 13 MB
- Connectivity: Bluetooth v12 ( SPP, OPP, etc)
- Battery: Lithium Ion 180 mAh
- Writes time: 3 hour
- Standby time: 20 hours
- Price: $240

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