Motorola DH01 Review: Mobile TV on Your Hand

Motorola DH01
Cellphone vendors, Motorola, for the first time its entering the mobile TV market. Together with Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, United States, the company launchs DH01. DH01 is a mobile media player that shows live television, on-demand video clips and programming saved on digital video recorders.

Last year Motorola has liven up the competition of TV phone market by launching Moto Z8 as TV and video player phone. But mobile TV player is assumed to has own opportunity.

“Mobile TV is estimated to grow significanly in 2008," said Navin Mehta, Vice President of Mobile TV and Applications Services Motorola, in Las Vegas at last Thursday.

Motorola DH01 not only good for watching live TV, but its also ready to record TV program and watching record result from digital camcorder.

This kind of function has been adopted by some TV vendor, like LG. But, adopts it to mobile TV is become plus value. The reason is the feature can be use everywhere and everytime.

When watching TV time is annoyed by other activity, user can record the broadcast during 5 minute, based on internal memory capacity of DH01. If wishing longer record time, its available the SD/MMC memory card with 256MB capacities, which able to record the broadcast during 90 minutes.

The user can also transfer the video record from digital video player to DH01 and play it in 4,3 inchs and 16.000 colours screen, with speed of 25 fps. The battery is ready to play TV or video during 4 hour nonstop.

The TV player catchs digital telecast passed DVB-H (Digital of Video Broadcasting-Handled) standard. This standard used in a number of Europe country and some other country, except in United States which still using MediaFlo technology made in Qualcomm Inc.

This pocket size TV player might be have uniqueness from other product and expected assist the Motorola position, which left behind by other vendor in phone market. But, market observer says that mobile TV market is not too potential.

A survey by a institute called Canalys mention that many people still be uninterested at mobile TV service because its expensive price and content availibility.

Other mobile TV player, like Nokia, finds other reality. In South Korea, great market for gadget product, most its teenager is prefer to watch television in room, area with minimum mobility.

After launch in Las Vegas, Motorola will launch DH01 to regular market directly or through TV station and DVB-H service provider. But the company didn’t say the TV station and how much the price of DH01 would sell.

Motorola DH01 Review
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