NEC Powermate P5000 Review: Hybrid Computer from NEC

NEC Powermate P5000
If desktop PC felt crowded your desk, hence this NEC Powermate is the way out. Built with space-saving concept, all of PC components - starts from processor, memory, harddisk, until DVD Writer - assembled in LCD screen backside. In the result, area required by this PC more or less same as ordinary 17 inches LCD monitor. Of course you still requiring addition space for keyboard and mouse, but it won’t hold your back. Because both peripherals equipped with Bluetooth connection.

This space-saving PC concept is not a new innovation, because Apple has done it with iMac, what followed by Gateway One and Dell XPS One. The different is Powermate P5000 built from the combination of notebook and desktop component. Its processor is using AMD notebook version processor, Turion X2 TL-52 (1,6GHz). This processor job supported by 1GB DDR memory, ATi Radeon X1200 onboard graphic chip, harddisk 200GB.

Just like a notebook, Powermate P5000 is also equipped by WiFi connection so can connected to wireless network in your home. Added by the connection to keyboard and mouse using Bluetooth, this practical device only requires power cable to operate. This according to one-cable operation concept which trying to be presented by NEC. Powermate P5000 is designed by placing forward its personal side and portability at the same time. Mean this device can be brought easily within doors to browsing internet, looks on film, or listens music. The excellence of this concept supported by white nuance design which sweetening the home design.

Talks about design, you maybe agree that Powermate P5000 has unique and futuristic display. No wonder if Good Design Japan institute gives special award for this device.

NEC Powermate P5000 Review
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