Samsung YP-S5 Review: Samsung Straight Back

Samsung YP-S5
Various digital music players are available in market. But, if you desire to try a music player with great enough sound quality, the answer is Samsung YP-S5. The reason is this multimedia gadget enriched with sophisticated loudspeaker and earphone.

For example, the YP-S5 audio output can be reach 1500 mW. If still feel uncomfort with it original loudspeaker. You can use it Bluetooth connection, to be linked with compatible addition audio system.

Moreover, YP-S5 Bluetooth technology can be used as bridge for wireless audio streaming, volume control, file transfer and handsfree from other digital peripheral. It’s including enjoying conference call via speakerphone from connected phone.

YP-S5 is also armed by DNSe 2.0 technology, a technology which capable to present concert nuance sound wave just like at big theater. Cool enough.

Besides as music player, Samsung YP-S5 also can play movie clip in TFT 1,8 inchs screen, with resolution 176 x 220 pixels. For other kicker, YP-S5 added FM Radio, FM radio record, Texteditor, JPEG-Photoviewer, Flash game, Alarm, Wallpaper, Clock, Equalizer and Voice recording.

Samsung YP-S5 Review
- Dimension: 9,6x4,65x1,48 cm
- Berat: 85 gram
- Screen: Color TFT, 176x220 piksel, 1,8 inci
- Memory: 2GB, 4GB, 8GB
- Music format: MP3, WMA, AAC
- Video Format: MPEG4
- Connectivity: Bluetooth v1.2
- Battery: Lithium Polimer
- Feature: FM Radio, FM radio recording, Texteditor, JPEG-Fotoviewer, Flash game, Alarm, Wallpapaer, Clock, Equalizer serta Voice recording, Noise filtering

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