BlueAnt V1 Review: Bluetooth Headset with Voice Controller

BlueAnt V1
Headset producer, BlueAnt, returns to launch it newest bluetooth headset, namely BlueAnt V1. This Gadget claimed as the first Bluetooth headset that applying “True Voice User Interface” technology. This BlueGenie Sensory, Inc. technology is similar with voice recognition technology in phone. This technology can perform voice comand via voice synthesizer which integrated with one special buttons.

Voice control function which planted at this product for example; Answer/ Ignore Call, Redial, Call Back/ Home or office/ Favorite (maximum 5 number), Enable Pair Mode, Check Battery/ Connection, Activate Phone's Voice Dial, Help and Settings Menu.

Its mini designs are adopting the former model, Z9 with inovatif clip for clothes and necktie. It small dimension is comfort enough if hang to ear, through flexible hook.

To produce quality voice, two canals microphone is planted to this gadget, and equipped by “Voice Isolation Technology”. It’s a newest inovation for Digital Signal Processor (DSP). That is a separation technique between user voice signals with other sound, including reducing echo and wind sound.

The Bluetooth headset which is displayed in CES 2008 is also equipped by “Multi-point technology”, that is the ability to connected two phones at the same time.

BlueAnt V1 Review
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Comments on "BlueAnt V1 Review: Bluetooth Headset with Voice Controller"


Anonymous Anonim said ... (3 korrik 2008 në 3:02 e pasdites) : 

This is not a review! Has anyone tried this product? No. Thus you are just repeating what the VP of BlueAnt told you which is called marketing, NOT A REVIEW. This was suppose to come out April 1st. Why is it that no one has any info on this headset except for the little CES blurb?


Anonymous Anonim said ... (4 gusht 2008 në 8:55 e paradites) : 

i have tried out the V1 and it is fantastic!!!!!!!!!!! it will be available at 8/21 you can preorder from now- which i sugest as availability will be tight at first. Blueant has had a delay but samples of the product are out and it will knock your socks off with the sound and voice activation!


Anonymous Anonim said ... (27 gusht 2008 në 5:44 e pasdites) : 

that last comment sounds a blueant pr person - shocking...


Anonymous Anonim said ... (15 shtator 2008 në 12:03 e paradites) : 

I own it.

PROS: Very good incoming and outgoing audio when used with an iPhone 3G or Nokia E61. No paring or use issues so far. Standard Voice Isolation works well to reduce medium level background noise. Max Voice Isolation eliminates all but the most transient loud sounds, though callers note that my voice has some noise artifacts in that mode. Voice activated commands work great... pre-recorded prompts are clear and intelligible. Flashing blue standby mode status indicator is easily disabled (though it must be done every time the V1 is powered on). Status indicator doesn't flash during a call whether or not Standby flashing is defeated. Nice headset, especially considering the small size.

CONS: Sadly, BlueAnt's pre-configured calling commands/positions limit the V1 from being a great fit with the iPhone 3G. The Voice Control features work really well, yet BlueAnt chose to pre-populate the first five voice activated speed dial positions with voicemail/home/office/favorite/GOOG-411... meaning you have to speak those very phrases to dial your first four iPhone calling favorites and the fifth GOOG-411 entry overrides your phone's fifth favorite and cannot be changed. Obviously U.S. iPhone users don't need the voicemail retrieval entry, and since they have Google Maps app and Google Search app they really don't need an unchangeable GOOG-411 overriding their 5th favorite. BlueAnt ought to move the GOOG-411 down to the 9th speed dial position and just add normal voice prompts for positions 1-8. I think users of all types of phones would be lot happier.

OTHER THOUGHTS: BlueAnt includes two earhooks, one metal, one plastic, two sizes of rubber ear buds (highly flexible mushroom-shaped... the center stretching over a notched stem), and two expanding foam in-canal ear buds. I didn't care for any of them. I found that the clear silicone ear gels that came with the Plantronics 925 fit the BlueAnt V1 nicely, and provided a far better seal/fit for my ears (the V1's plastic stem protrudes through the ear gel slightly... something I plan to cut off since I'll never use the BlueAnt buds).


Anonymous loony2nz said ... (18 shtator 2008 në 1:38 e pasdites) : 

iPhone 3G has bluetooth? since when?


Anonymous Loony2nz said ... (26 dhjetor 2008 në 7:32 e pasdites) : 

take it back..i had a brainfart..hahaha


Anonymous Anonim said ... (21 janar 2010 në 5:55 e paradites) : 

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