Canon HG10 Review: Professional Class Camcorder

Canon HG10
In fact, this made in Canon gadget is a standard video recorder, just like other camcorder. But the Hard Disk Drive (HDD) support and AVCHD (Advanced Video Codec High Definition) record format, which is format standard of HD compression at media besides cassette, makes HG10 one level above of camcorder on its class.

Besides, HG10 is also equipped by True Full HD 1920x1080 CMOS Sensor technology, HD Video Lens, Instant AF feature and Optical Image Stabilizer to produce fascinates picture and high quality video. This video camcorder has weight around 505g, light enough and comfort to brought in hand everywhere.

AVCHD format at Canon HG10 has superiority in high definition video data with codec compression technology which very efficient. It’s also equipped by DIGIC DV II image processor, which is new generation of DIGIC DV technology.

Its has 40GB storage capacity, and saves the High Definition video with HXP modus, 5,5 hours duration. Whereas it standard model (SP mode), can record during 12 hours.

Canon HG10 is equipped by 2,7-inch LCD monitor, which support picture resolution until 211.000 pixels plus wide-angle playback, with 25p cinema mode (25p for PAL, 24p for NTSC) feature, this feature its only available in top-end professional camcorder (Canon XLH1, XHA1 and XHG1). As a result, picture and colors will have big screen Film quality.

Canon HG10 Review
- Lens: Zoom Ratio: 10x Optical/200x Digital, Focal of Length: 61-61mm, Zoom Speed Variable/3 Fixed Zoom Speeds, Max. F/stop f/1.8-3.0mm (HDD), Filter size 43 mm
- Dimension: 3,2 x 3 x 5,1 inch
- Weight: 505 grams
- Feature: Image Stabilization SuperRange Optical (lens shift), Viewfinder Widescreen 027" Color Viewfinder/ (Approx. 123,000 pixels), LCD Screen 27" Multi-Angle Vivid Widescreen LCD (Approx. 211,000 pixels), Recording Media Hard Disk Drive 40 GB, (Internal), Audio Compression Method: Dolby Digital 2 channels (AC-32 channels), 48 kHz, Movie recording: ACVHD (MPEG-4 AVCH/H264: 5/7/9/15 Mbps)
- Price: $1524

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