OQO Model e2 Review: New UMPC from OQO

Computer company from United States, OQO Inc., launchs Ultra Mobile PC (UMPC) e2 series. This UMPC full functioned like desktop computer which based on Windows XP, Windows XP Tablet, and Windows Vista.

Chief Executive Officer OQO, Dennis Moore, says that the launching background is the increasing of UMPC request in market. “The customer wants to access the information, application, and Internet in mobile which fit in pocket, handbag, or office bag”.

The model e2 looks precisely the same as the model 2, which is not a terrible thing. We think its way smarter than the alternatives from Sony, Samsung and Asus, but you may feel differently.

The e2 which having dimension 142 x 84 x 26 milimeters is equipped by wireless Internet connectivity and bluetooth. Its computing ability supported by VIA processor 1,5 GHz, 1GB RAM, 60GB and 80GB harddisk, plus video out HDMI feature, ethernet and USB port, and dock for optical drive (CD+RW or DVD+RW).

The e2 is equipped by shift screen LCD with 5 inch width, with 800 x 480 pixels resolution and integrated keyboard. e2 is available in three models, starts from which having processor 1,5 GHz to 1,6 GHz.

My favourite thing about e2 is the mouse input system. It has a trackpoint-style mouse nipple between the QWERTY and numerical keypads and selector buttons on the far left.

Like the model 2, the e2 arrives with an HDMI port. So you can attach it to an external display or a TV. The onboard 127mm (5-inch) display has resolution of 800x480 pixels. Don't even think about using it outside, it's so glossy it's nearly impossible to see anything but your own reflection.

Just like model 2, the model e2 ships with an optional 32GB solid state hard drive. The 60GB 46mm laptop hard drive option is still available, as is a new 120GB drive. As before, it is padded and has drop-detection technology.

If you have the model 2, maybe you not so interesting with model e2. If you're looking for a new UMPC however, it's perhaps one of the best solutions. It's more expensive than the Samsung Q1 Ultra and Asus R2H, but it has better battery life, is more compact, more stylish and its keys are comparatively easy to use.

OQO Model e2 Review
Price Range: $1399-2800
Clock speed: 1.6 GHz
Processor type: C7M ULV
Processor manufacturer: VIA
RAM installed: 1024 MB
Max supported RAM: 1 GB
RAM technology: DDR2 533MHz
Chipset type: VIA VX700
Hard drive: 120 GB
Max resolution (external): 1920x1200
Video outputs: HDMI
Maximum resolution: 800x480 pixels
Dimensions (W x H x D): 142x84x26mm
Weight: 454 kg
Available colours: Black
Battery:Li-ion, 4500 mAh, 3 hours
Operating system: Windows Vista Ultimate edition

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