Samsung YP U3 Review: Trendy MP3 Player

Samsung YP U3
Samsung YP U3 is new music player from Samsung for youngster market. Its navigation buttons now is designed with touch system, mean powerless to press it. On the contrary we also note that this sensitive characteristic contact sometimes makes wrong press result. But don’t worry, the buttons only response man skin, non nail or other inorganic object. A blue LED will blaze each time button is depressed.

YP U3 is also equipped by OLED screen which is clearly to be looked in various situations, even from a sideways angle. In this screen would be presented song information and menu from player. We like the USB head which can be exposed from within body which able to be connected directly to notebook/PC USB port. This way clearly convenient because do not require additional cable like MP3 player generally.

Player sound quality which also can set as FM radio and voice recorder makes we very impressed. You can also arrange the voice character produced and also player mode at play list. Besides, its support to some formats besides MP3 also makes you be free to choose audio file. Samsung also figures in nipper clip to be patch to clothes so seen like interesting accessory.

Samsung YP U3 can become MP3 player choice which fashionable. Besides, great sound quality and user-friendly touch button access is the main excellence. Its read/write speed is fast enough and sold with good price. It’s another trendy gadget for trendy people.

Samsung YP U3 Review
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Blogger said ... (28 tetor 2009 në 10:27 e paradites) : 

Samsung has brought some wonderful gadgets for their clients. You can get this trendy mp3 player at a cheap price.
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Blogger bartleahdylan said ... (11 gusht 2010 në 1:35 e paradites) : 

Samsung YP U3 is a new music player from Samsung for the youth market. Its navigation buttons are now designed with the tactile system means powerless to push. Instead, we note that this feature makes it sensitive contact may cause pressure badly.
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