JVC EVERIO GZ-MG275AG Review: Full HD Camcorder for Family

If before we already presented Full HD camcorder which have expensive price, hence the other alternative which more sensible is harddisk type recorder (HDD) which is still popular. Everio GZ-MG275AG is one of four newest G series camcorder owned by JVC which using harddisk and offers the ability of video DVD record to 16:9 wide screen formats.

In average, the new G series camcorder from JVC actually very looks like its previous product, but when looks more carefully will be meet one/two difference which making the new series more typically. One of interesting is Direct Backup function button which useful to copy photo and video directly into harddisk. This feature reminds us at instants back up feature which added at external storage device.

As data storage, this camcorder relies on 1,8” harddisk with 40GB capacities and SD memory. With this harddisk, you can record video until 50 hours or if using “ultra fine” resolution choice will reach record along 9,5 hours. For the quality, it’s looks good with detail picture display and accurately colour at video, especially at normal light condition. Gigabrid processor at camcorder likely has big responsibility in reducing noise to get powerful image. What is funny, the displays at camcorder LCD is too bright and unhappily is don’t have display level setting.

JVC designer likely wished the camcorder not only easy to be used to records object but also pleases if directly change to general media. For that the producer packaged a docking called Share Station. With this docking, camcorder can be connected to refill the battery or transfers data to PC. This transfer can be easier because the picture editor software bundle and DVD which figured in and has function to make DVD and backs up data to PC.

Other interesting feature from this GZ-MG275AG is we can see the battery endurance by push the battery status button without turns on the camcorder. Gravitation sensor also can detect if this product suddenly fallen down and will directly shutdown the harddisk mechanism before camcorder hit the floor. This feature will protect the harddisk from damage.

Many positive points from this JVC Everio GZ-MG275AG performance and feature, like its good picture quality, easy use, and its various connectivity. But there are also some weaknesses like long process of deleting file and not to useful 300x zoom. But as a whole, this gadget is suitable for who is wishing camcorder which is easy to use and its result is easy to share to family or friend.

Price range: $850
* 1/3.9 inch 2.18 Megapixel CCD
* 40GB Internal Hard Disk Drive for up to 50 hr. of recording
* 9 hr. 40 min. of the best quality recording (ULTRA FINE)
* 10x Optical Zoom / 300x Digital Zoom
* Memory Card Slot for SDHC / SD
* Remote Control provided
* Software provided (for Windows)

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