HP iPAQ 612 Business Navigator Review: 5-in-1 PDA Phone

HP iPAQ 612 Business Navigator
Carry Business Navigator name, HP iPAQ 612 bringing lot great features for business people which frequently travels. Usage ability with one hand also one thing placed forward. Launched in September 2007, iPAQ 612 Business Navigator is called by HP as 5-in-1 handheld device. Besides have GPS feature, this gadget also present with communications support via 3G network, 3MP camera, organizer, and media player. Although the two last feature is a must have feature by a PDA phone.

HP iPAQ 612 is HP first handheld device which works great in 3G line, even HSDPA. HP Device Connect application which planted inside can change Business Navigator to become a modem and connected PC / notebook to HSDPA network. Moreover, there are support from GSM quad band which enabling the user to always connected to cellular network in almost country on the world. Added again with complete connectivity feature: WiFi, Bluetooth, and USB.

For platform business, HP iPAQ 612 give it to Marvell processor. Still use PXA270 series with 520MHz speed, not yet applied PXA3xx or Monahan. Applies PXA27x family processor mean this 145 grams PDA phone is special in multimedia arena and supported by powerful camera interface. Moreover, the support from 128MB RAM becomes goods news to all multitasker, which frequently implements many applications.

Is not only the feature which becoming HP attention, HP iPAQ 612 is designed that easy to be applied even at user busy condition. In the middle of numerik keypad, HP locates a Smart Navigational Wheel button all at once a thumb scroll. Reminds you at iPod?

In sensitive part, user can did scrolling only with thumb to open e-mail, GPS map, documents, and multimedia file. One thing is becoming our attention. Centered of scroller is number 5 button which cannot be functioned as a selector. As generally a pad above keypad, depress at the centered usually will choose an item.

The gadget which sold at the price of US$ 599 is also supported by HP Voice Commander and automatic text software application.

HP iPAQ 612 Business Navigator Review
Price Range: $ 599
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I have not seen such an useful and wonderful gadget. Thank you for providing an excellent gadget.


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