Kodak EasyShare Z712 IS Review: Great Semi-pro Digital Camera

Kodak EasyShare Z712 IS
This camera is wraped in professional digital camera features. Starts from the lightmeter by histogram panel, shutter speed priority shot feature (S), diaphragm holes diameter priority (A), and full manual shot mode (M). Light measuring method which popular at professional D-SLR camera also carried by Kodak Z712, that is spot metering type, beside center weight and multi segment type. I love the spot metering type because more accurately in measuring light at one objecs only, doesn’t occupy surroundings area.

Optical image stabilization feature hardly supports lens focal point range which provided by Kodak Z712 (36-432 mm). The sensor at camera can detect object movement and changes position of lens element formation. Shot condition with big focal point which able to produce maximum object enlargement (12X) optically is to risk toward the lens shaky. This problem will make photo is not sharply. We discover the problem when testing it with making a picture from a moving car. Best result reached with normal picture sharpness setting and single image stabilization at menu. High sharpness setting at menu exactly makes object boundary seen not realistic. Image stabilization feature is also useful when making a picture in low light condition.

If you don’t wanna get busy to arrange the shutter speed combination and diaphragm diameter when facing moving object, just set the camera to Sport mode in button dial. Other photograph mode got by positioning dial button at SCN (scene). There are 16 photograph modes: Portrait, Text, Panorama, Left-Right, Fireworks, Panorama, Right-Left, Flower Landscape, Manner/Museum, Night Portrait, Children, Night Landscape, Backlight, Snow, Candle Light, Beach, and Sunset.

Light sensitivy reach at light sensor (ISO/ASA) what provided Kodak Z712 is can be said well, that is from ASA 64 until ASA 3200. Even at dial button, provided shot mode with high ASA (1600). When tested, this mode yields photo harsh grains. This noise starts coming up at ISO 800 set. Our suggestion, applies this style at forced time only. For example when making a concert picture that is not allowed to applies flash lamp.

Although there is no manual focus ring, user still can shift the focus area through Selectable Area choice at AF Zone menu. And so do to set the focus point, for quickly the user can access through the Focus Mode button on the top of camera body. Kodak Z712 also interesting because the photo correction software offers at its include CD.

Kodak EasyShare Z712 IS Review
Price Range: $340
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