Olympus SP-550UZ Review: Extraordinary Zoom Ability

Olympus SP-550UZ
Olympus producer seemingly is still continuing their super zoom camera tradition which pertained semi professional class. Through SP-550UZ series, Olympus wishs always to prove itself as 1/2 compacts camera with high zoom ability. This time its optical zooming reaching 18x, if it’s coupled with 5,6x digital zoom hence will be reached 100x total zoom. Enough to take picture from long distance with significance detail.

High optical zoom from SP-550UZ is realized through combination of 14 lens element in 11 groups joined forces with 4 asperis lens and 2 ED lens which totally gives 4,7-84,2 mm focus length. When zoom maximized to 18 x hence will see the lens penetration along the length of 6,5cm which pertained very long for the same class camera. With this ability, you will be able to make a picture with more detail without need to work hard comes near the object. In this case, the usage of tripod would hardly assists so the photo result is not seems to blur.

To minimize shake effect its have been provided also the Image Stabilizer feature which really assists you to gets focus photo result even often is required high shutter speed setting. Besides long shot, the camera it’s also great to take macro object (until 1 cm). Even if you are a pro photographer, the camera will be great to you because the availability of complete enough manual mode to make a picture in many condition. If you need more practical, just apply the 23 photo scheme which available. But this lot facility thus less maximumly when we need to takes a picture swiftly because the writes process to memory xD is slow.

Uses a SP-550UZ for various photo situations of course pleases. Even its weight cannot be said light- including as result of 4 AA battery usage – but this camera can be pleasant and lively to move because its rubber material and camera body dint which making the camera steady to grasped. Besides aiming through 2,5” LCD which has bright display, user can more economizingly the battery by using viewfinder which equipped by diopter controller.

What is offered by Olympus through its super zoom series maybe become the solution for you which need a semi-pro camera with extraordinary zoom ability. Its photo result giving great color composition and detail even we little disappointed with its less quality result at high zoom position. Same problem occur when I want to get clear photo from quick shot. This thing can be solve so long as you understand the right lighting composition arrangement. Anyway, generally this camera has given well enough result for indoor and outdoor photo even in minimum light condition.

Olympus SP-550UZ Review
Price range: $580
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