Compaq Presario 6150b Review: Clumsy Business Notebook

Compaq Presario 6150b
Latterly HP tries to construct Compaq as separate brand, with new logo and interesting design. But Compaq Presario 6150b comes up not interesting at all. Not like other Compaq notebooks which have nice design to seen, this notebook guaranteed not to fascinate you at first sight.

This notebook actually addressed for business segment, so that the design side is more directed at its functional. Same as other HP series, 6510b is informative enough. Every port is labled in place which is easy to seen. Lable at keyboard is also easy to be understand, guaranteed you will not confuse when applies it. Which also pleases is it quick access buttons design – Help button, wireless connection, presentation, and sound volume control - which design to be flat with surface. You only need to touch to activate or arranges it.

Other proof that Compaq Presario 6150b is a notebook for business is the availability of replicator port. For main user, replicator port might not be required, but for white colars user the usage of this port can give much benefit - even must spend more cost to get it.

Which becomes optional equipment is Bluetooth mouse which can be kept at PCMCIA slot. This mouse can become cool supporting facilities for presentation, at the same time as an assists for user that is not so likes to working applies touchpad.

USB port distribution at this notebook felt balance: two in left, two in right. Other port facility which accompanying this notebook is sufficient, from card reader, S-Video, until Firewire. Also available port for network and phone modem - even nowadays almost nobody applies port for modem.

With the price less than $1,100, you can get notebook which have been equipped by finggerprint scanner – that’s why we called it reachable. What makes the price is great because the notebook already use Santa Rosa generation processor (Intel 7100; 1,8GHz). In fact this processor is the cheaper series in the line of Santa Rosa, but if we saw the test result, its performance is satisfying, mainly in the battery endurance.

This notebook design is very ordinary, but its complete facility and the sensible price make this notebook is a good choice for you which required notebook for business. Moreover, this notebook provides replicator port, Bluetooth mouse, and fingerprint scanner - enough with the price of $1,100. But need to be noted that it’s the price without operating system.

Compaq Presario 6150b Review
Price range: $1,100
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