Sony HDR-SR7E Review: Another High-Def Camcorder from Sony

The increasing of video player that supporting Full HD system is followed with the presence of recorder product that is also carrying Full HD. Maybe Sony step is rather late if compared to JVC which in advance launch Full HD camcorder, but Sony direct enter the market with Full HD model which said can be really great competitor, one of them is HDR-SR7. This camcorder is SR1 series continuations which already succeed in the market. What makes it different?

Sony HDR-SR7E now present in more light and compact form compared to the old series. However, the technology is exactly higher. The sensor is still using CMOS ClearVid 1/3”, equal with its predecessor, but this time offers 3,2 Megapixel resolution which can be enhanced until 6,1 Megapixel. To assist best picture acquirement, SR7 has applied Optic Image Stabilizer (OIS) which better if compared to Electronic Image Stabilizer (EIS) at SR1.

Physically, Sony camcorder is well-known more comfortable even almost around its body is having many port or navigation button. Its 2,7 inches LCD screen has simple navigation through touch screen system that is easy enough to accessed. If you still feeling troubled with this navigation mode, just press the EASY button to make simple this device usage.

As harddisk camcorder, SR7 relies on 60GB storage to keep photo and video record result. With this harddisk the user even can record to 22 hours at LP mode. Other storage media is available through MemoryStick Pro Duo. Record process in SR7 is using AVCHD compression format which do not fail with MPEG2 HDV compression. Unhappily, this AVCHD format is only recognized by some video editing software like Sony Vegas 7, Ulead Video Studio 11, and Pinnacle Studio 11. HDR-SR7 itself is figures in Picture Motion Browser 2.0, but this application only did clip merger process without video effect addition.

Some important facilities at SR7 are interesting enough and give satisfaction for us when testing it. One thing we like it is ability to record slow motion with so smooth by multiplying the frame. Its dual record ability is also unique because can record video to harddisk while still can make a picture every time (to 4,6 Megapixel resolution) to MS Pro Duo. For you which loving photography will like TeleMacro feature. With this feature you can make a picture of an object with so focus, without worried about its background. There is also a SuperNightShot feature to make a picture at low light condition.

Record produced by HDR-SR7 of course so interesting. xvColor system do color reproduction almost twofold of conventional camcorder so that image can come up realistic and alike man eye ability. Not only the picture, the audio recording systems also have supported Dolby Digital. Easy digital transfer also becomes good point with the presence of USB and HDMI connection. SR7 camcorder offers an unique experience at a Full HD media.

Sony HDR-SR7E Review
Price range:$1,149.95 - $1,942.18
Sensor Resolution: 3,2 Megapixel CMOS
Photo Resolution (min/max): 640x480 / 1632x1224 pixel
Video Resolution (min/max): 384x388 / 768x756 pixel
Storage media: 60 GB internal harddisk dan MS Pro Duo
File Format (photo/video): JPG / AVCHD
Aperture setting (wide/tele): F1.8 - F2.4
ISO equivalent: 100 – 200
Zoom: 10x Optical / 20x Digital
Shutter Speed (sec.): ½ - 1/500 (photo) / ½ - 1/4000 (video)
LCD Diagonal: 2.7 inches (wide)
Connectivity: USB, FireWire, Composite, S-Video (docking)
Battery: Li-Ion Polymer 7,2V 730 mAh (rechargeable)
Dimension: 11 x 6,6 x 7,1 cm
Weight: 589 gram (with battery)

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Blogger Andreya said ... (21 dhjetor 2008 në 10:10 e pasdites) : 

Hi Nice Blog .I've made up my mind: I'm gonna buy an MP3 player. I just don't know which one. I like the ipod battery, but do I really need something that small?


Blogger flipultra said ... (13 nëntor 2009 në 6:22 e paradites) : 

I have heard that hard drive recorders typically have a device-specific codec, so you can only use the tools which come with the device to manipulate the video.


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