Samsung F8 Review: F Series with 100Hz Motionplus

Samsung F8
After long not presents the R series, Samsung introduces LCD TV F series which include in Full HD (high definition) category in November 2007. Before all, Sharp and Sony has in front introduces their best Full HD which targeting high-end user.

F8 applies Samsung super clear LCD panel (Super Clear Panel) with more condensed black background and can give clear Full HD resolution display (1920x1080p). Wide Color Enhancer feature at this product also assists F8 to presents richer the color which make blue and green color more natural. This display also strengthened by dynamic contrast ratio until 25.000:1 which mean almost two times sharply from other conventional HDTV. This contrast ratio is counted highest at this time between the other LCD TV.

If Sony had Motionflow technology hence Samsung names it 100Hz MotionPlus. This technology is useful for lessening blur which only happened at fast move scene like action movie or sport program. 100Hz MotionPlus processor algorithm will create middle frame at space between frames so that number of frame presented is increase and video display comes up smoother. Actually, similar technology have been developed furthermore by Sharp where has reached 120Hz.

At the same time with F series launch, Samsung also presents newest Blu-ray disc player BD-P1400 series. This Player can presents 24 film frame /second (24F) which is the truly big screen film frame number. Moreover, this player also compatible has in 60F speed. Besides have high resolution picture, player sound quality supported by Digital Plus, Dolby TrueHD, and DTS-HD for clear sound variation choice.

Samsung F8 Review
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Blogger belly rings said ... (22 dhjetor 2010 në 1:18 e paradites) : 

Just go to the shop, and compare two samsung TV's - one thats 100hz, and one that's 50hz... you should straight away know which one to buy. In other words, forget all that 'haloing' nonsense.... a 100hz TV with or without MotionPlus is much better than a 50hz TV.

belly rings


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