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Transcend presents a big capacities digital photo frame: 710. This is a multi function peripheral, because besides as photo frame, 710 also able to saves and play music and as time indicators.

Christmas and New Year has passed. So, now you surely require a device to displayed your fascinate holidays photo. Just display it in digital photo frame, for example 710 from Transcend. Their offer is interesting enough: 1GB internal memory capacity.

With big enough capacities, can save hundreds of photo. When will send it as present for friend or family; before, you can fill it with hundreds of photo and can update it any time you want.

Even has provided big capacities, 710 still give support to SD, SDHC, MMC, MS, and CF memory card type. Just attach the memory card which has contained picture to frame. Then this 2,8 cm thickness digital frame would search automatically and display photo files in memory card or USB flash, in every folder you saves it.

Takes picture from PC is done without difficulty. Just attach the figured in USB cable to computer. MP3 file is also accommodated by 710 so you able to present your photo as slide-show with music background. Do drag & drop to remove photo from PC with quickly.

To be more pleases the user, Transcend installs Thumbnail modus for search quickly and presents certain photo which you chooses, complete with zooming and rotating facility. Photo size will not be changed by 710 so pictures presented will not get distortion.

This frame with 0,7 inches screen, 480 x 234 resolution, and can be turned around by vertical and horizontal is also can be use as alarm. Transcend equipped it with pictorial clock, calendar, alarm, and built-in MP3 player along with speaker.

Put in desk or hung in wall no matter for 710 because Transcend complements it with hanger hole and prop. In black and gold color wrapping, very cute to displays in house or office. 710 Review
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