RCS OPAL: Strange MP3 Player

Incredibly, RCA touts its new audio player as having "feminine flair and case of use." In fact, the little player, though quite affordable, is held back by a counterintuitive user interface and an unappealing video/photo-viewing, function. One redeeming quality, however, is that it boasts a pretty nice pair of earphones, which is rare.

File compatibility for the Opal is more or less standard. You can play MP3, WMA, subscription/protected WMA, Audible, and WAV audio files and view JPEG and BMP images. Videos need to be converted to MPEG-4 (using the included software). The WMV file I converted, however, looked terrible: Pixelation was rampant on the tiny OLED screen. The bundled Yahoo! Music Jukebox software works fine for loading the Opal with files from your PC. Those who don't pay for Yahoo! Subscription music will find Windows Media Player the easiest program to use. Strangely, there's no FM tuner here.

Don't get me wrong, the Opal works. It's just not a pleasure to operate or look at. In my view, some competing flash players from Creative and SanDisk are much wiser choice.



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Anonymous Alysha said ... (2 dhjetor 2008 në 10:11 e pasdites) : 

What a beautiful Mp3 player.


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