Palm Treo 755p Review: Back to Palm OS

Palm Treo 755p
As a handset producer, Palm is known as company that is serious enough. Besides producing handset, the company at the same time is also creates Operating System (OS) for its products. Compares to other producer, what doesn't produce OS itself, on the contrary the hardware is comes from other producer.

Which Palm does of course is a good value. The most important is synchronization between operating system with hardware. For example, in creation process of operating system, the people at R&D (Research & Development) will think twice in making an OS.

In the result, peripheral performance will become far better. Hence didn't surprise when many Palm consumers which before is only ordinary user becomes fans and joints with Palm community. One of the reasons is its use which easier compared to another smartphone OS.

But, at some new products, the producer is prefer to holds mutually Microsoft to planted Windows Mobile in some Palm devices, especially Treo. Like at Palm Treo 750v. This product is first Palm device which operating with Windows Mobile OS. Henceforth, Treo 75x series (750v and 750) always present with WM label. But for the Palm OS fans, especially which already love the Treo 75x series thus thinks twice to buy the peripheral.

Hence present Palm Treo 755p. From the appearance, only a few difference with 750. The difference is only looks at softkey buttons only. But in the inside, many features are improved. Surely the fans which long to wait of Treo 75x in Palm OS version is will not disappointed. The new thing at 755p for example is pixel amounts at touchscreen which boosted up to become 320x320 pixel. Moreover, the processor now applies 312 MHz Intel Xscale.

Unfortunately, 755p is lack of voice dialing feature. The information we have, at 755p which run in Sprint network is equipped with trial version application of Nuance's Voice Control.

If you like to travel, 755p is also equipped with Google Maps. This smarthphone have 60 MB for internal capacities, and for the external, there is a miniSD slot (4 GB).

Palm Treo 755p Review
Network: CDMA 800/1900 MHZ
Dimension: 59.3 x 113 x 21.3 mm
Weight: 160 grams
Display: TFT 65.000 colors, 320x320 pixel, touchscreen
Camera: 13 MP, 1280x1024 pixel, Automatic light balance, digital zoom (2x), Video capture (352x288 pixel)
Memory: 128 MB RAM, miniSD card slot (support 4 GB), miniSD cards with SDHC support
Feature: CDMA2000 EVDO, 1xRTT and IS95, Bluetooth, 2.5mm headset jack, Polyphonic MIDI & WAV ringtones
Battery: Li-ion
Standby Time: 240 hours
Talk Time: 4,2 hours

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