Sony Alpha A700 Review: With 12 megapixel CMOS Sensor

Sony Alpha A700
If at previous series (Sony Alpha A100 and A200) Sony applies CCD light sensor type, at Alpha A700 Sony applies CMOS 12,24 megapixel. This light sensor equipped with image stabilizer mechanism so that felt helps when user want to make a picture with low shutter speed or when using long lens. To ensure the light sensor age, there is anti dust mechanism which can clean light sensor.

Camera frame is so steady because made from aluminum material and wrapped with magnesium alloy. Buttons at camera is also equipped with panel from rubber material as protector from aqueous vapor, dew and also wet air.

But not all is good news. There is a problem with leyns ring compatibility. Remember that Sony is new comer in SLR camera arena. Sony Alpha A700 body can be attached by lens with Minolta type A mounting.

When testing Sony Alpha A700, we get photo record character which having high relative contrast, but can maintain detail / texture in highlight part. Best record detail that we got is at low contrast setting, which combined with low ISO/ASA and RAW format. We are provides with facility in arranging contrast level and also color saturation.

Big enough CMOS light sensor measure is very effective when we try to make a photo in dark condition and without flash lamp. At ISO 1600, photo result is great enough.

Difference of detail record quality is significant enough between JPEG and RAW format. Sharpness, texture or detail is recorded nice at RAW file, but not so good at JPEG format.

Under the bright sunlight lighting, Sony Alpha A700 gives natural color, with red and blue color uppermost saturation. Meanwhile, below lamp lighting, without flash light, and white balance auto setting, photo result tends to having warmness nuance (red). Moreover, every level of light compensation will give different color temperature highlighting.

We choose to apply Adobe RGB color profile because RAW file conversion result is best to get if applies Adobe Camera Raw software. Besides Adobe Camera Raw, RAW file conversion program figured in is Sony Image Data Converter SR version 2.

This camera provides flash lamp and addition flash lamp hotshoe. But its type is not universal, so that not compatible with third party flash lamp. This thing of course lessens flexibility.

Sony Alpha A700 is good enough to fulfilling serious photographer and professional requirement which requiring detail and color record quality.

Sony Alpha A700 Review
Resolution (pixel): 13,05 megapixel (total), 12,24 megapixel (effective).
Photo resolution (min/max): 2128x1424 / 4288x2856 pixel (RAW)
Record media: Compact Flash type I/II, Memory Stick Duo / Pro Duo
File format (photo/video/audio): RAW, Compressed RAW, RAW + JPEG, JPEG
Measure: 23,5 x 156 mm
ISO/ASA: 100 - 6400
Shutter speed: 30 seconds - 1/8000 seconds, Bulb
Viewfinder: Yes
Diagonal LCD : 3.0", 920.000 pixel, equipped with anti-reflective coating.
Connection: HDMI output, Composite audio/video output, USB, Remote control
Battery: Li-ion rechargeable,1650 mAh
Dimension: 141,7 x 104,8 x 79,7 mm
Weight: 690 grams (without battery), 768 grams (with battery)

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