Apple iMac (MA877LL) Review: New Design, Better Performance

Apple iMac (MA877LL)
Apple must get special credit in their ability to make "wow" effect in every Apple product. One of them is All-in-One PC concept applied at their desktop computer, iMac. Since its presence in 1998, iMac successfully steals public attention because the concept which merge monitor with other computer component. And in 10 years of its presence, the concept always develops until iMac generation MA877LL series which we tested now.

This product is the third generation of iMac since changes over applies Intel processor. Its base concept is still the same, which is using notebook component positioned at back of 20 inches LCD screen. But this newest iMac applies better machine compared to previous iMac Intel generation. Just look the inside. It use Intel processor generation Santa Rosa T7700 2,4GHz, ATi Radeon HD2400 XT graphic card and 250GB capacities harddisk. The design is also get modified. The iMac new version has applied aluminum material with metallic color (previous iMac generation use white polycarbonate color). While its operating system is using Leopard which is the newest version from Macintosh OS X.

Just like the other notebook, iMac is equipped by complete wireless feature, starts from infra-red, Bluetooth, and WiFi. WiFi has support WiFi-N standard, so that theoretically will send data 5X faster than WiFi b/g type which used occasionally at other notebook. Other facility provided is camera 1,3 MP, DVD Writer, and two stereo speaker. But differs from NEC Powermate P5000, there are no card reader or PCMCIA facility in this iMac. iMac Keyboard and mouse also still using USB connection, not yet Bluetooth like at Powermate P5000.

Apple changes its keyboard design in this newest iMac. This new design looks like Macbook, seen from wide distance between the buttons. The keyboard felt balmy to applied, though unhappily there is no hand rest and keyboard rest to arrange keyboard proclivity.

But lack in the keyboard side doesn't hold back usage satisfaction of iMac as a whole. LCD screen with 1680x1050 pixel resolution gives sharpness and color accurateness which almost perfect. The speaker gives great sound experience to us when listen to music and watch a movie.

About the performance, iMac also comes up gratifies. We testing iMac by the way installing Windows Vista uses Boot Camp facility and runs the regular test application. The result is impressive. iMac seen so superior than NEC Powermate P5000 which using AMD Turion64 X2 TL-52 processor and onboard graphic card. If compared to standard desktop PC, iMac performance can be said equal.

Though its concept has follows by many produces but iMac remain to shows its class as best All-in-PC compared to the competitor. Not only in performance, but also it cool design factor. There are some facility which we expect can find in iMac - like Bluetooth keyboard/mouse and card reader - but difficult to don’t like iMac.

Apple iMac (MA877LL) Review
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo T7700 (2,38GHz, 4MB L2 cache, FSB 800MHz)
RAM: DDR2 PC5300, 1GB
Chipset: Intel PM965
Graphic Card: ATI Mobility Radeon HD2600 XT (256MB)
Sound Card: HD Audio, Realtek ALC855
Harddisk: 300GB, IDE
Optical drive: DVD Writer Matshita (DVD±R 4x)
Display: 20 inches (1680x1050 pixel)
Dimension: 46,9 x 48,5 x 18,9 cm
Weight: 9,1 kg
Feature: WiFi, Bluetooh, IR, USB (3 port), FireWire (2 port), Gigabit Ethernet, Keyboard, Mouse, Apple Remote
Operating System: Macintosh OS X Leopard

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Anonymous dave said ... (23 prill 2010 në 10:31 e paradites) : 

This is my next desktop computer! I love apple and I used these iMacs at Uni and they were brilliant


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