Time Capsule Review: Easy Backup

Time Capsule
To make backup become an easy process and can be done continuously without hard to manage it, Apple introduces a device so called Time Capsule. The peripheral which launched in same time with MacBook Air is supports Wi-Fi 802.11n network.

Time Capsule designed to work along with Time Machine application which becoming part of Leopard. Besides as storage device, Time Capsule also works as router that share internet access.

Not only that, this peripheral also can be applied as printer sharing in network. Time Capsule and Bonjour network technology enables everyone in house or office exploits one printer centrally. User also can share its data – for example by connecting a external harddisk to Time Capsule.

What about with PC user which not use Macintosh? It is the fun; Time Capsule also supports base on Windows XP and Windows Vista PC. This peripheral also supports Mac which still based on Tiger. We sure Time Capsule will make people who usually lazy to makes backup - except have experienced losing of data- will be fond of (or subconsciously) does it.

The Insufficiency of Time Capsule is harddisk drive at this peripheral cannot be released. You cannot extend drive capacities or replaces it with other harddisk drive.

From price side, Apple offers 500GB version with US$ 299 price and 1TB version with US$499 price. This price is reasonable enough remembers in it has included harddisk drive, router, access point Wi-Fi 802.11n, and its support software.

Apple equipped Time Capsule with three port of Gigabit Ethernet ports, one port of Gigabit Ethernet WAN port, one port of USB 2.0 security WPA/WPA-2, and WEP 128-bit. Time Capsule is also equipped with NAT firewall which supporting NAT-PMP.

Time Capsule Review
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Anonymous Dave said ... (23 prill 2010 në 10:29 e paradites) : 

Having recently lost a huge amount of information when my laptop went boom, i decided to get a mac. Maybe i should invest in one of these, they look really handy!


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