Archos 704 WiFi Review: WiFi Portable Media Player

Archos 704 WiFi
The presence of Archos 704 WiFi Portable Multimedia Player can be said fills the losing gap between multimedia players and mobile computer. Armed with 40 GB internal harddisk (available also 80 GB) and 7 inches touch screen, makes it as phenomenal gadget which promising various great entertainment facilities.

Compared to the previous series, Archos 704 WiFi design still having similarity (including it weight), only minus of button at main interface. In left side there is two power button and TV/LCD output choice which located beside adaptor and earphone port. It internal speaker performance which present below the screen is can be said standard.

The other main feature, Archos704 is equipped by wireless connection so that can be applied to browsing in internet. Looks for hotspot and set the Wi-Fi connection is done easily. You can direct connected to internet and browsing or download file through Opera browser. Unhappily, this gadget doesn’t support flash.

Moreover, Archos704 WiFi greatness is from it quality side in enjoying digital entertainment, mainly in looking on movie and reads PDF format e-book. Besides, this metallic silver gadget able to "catches" the entertainment from TV or DVD as long it attached to DVR Station or DVR Travel Adapter which must be bought separately. This Digital Video Recorder (DVR) function is equipped with remote control and can be arranged to record TV broadcast automatically.

For photo, picture is presented in thumbnail mode which will be enlarged when you to pass it. The existence of slideshow and zoom facility makes it better as photo viewer. This Archos 704 WiFi can be applied to saves medical pictures like USG. Archos 704 WiFi is also able to become safe data back up facilities because it using harddisk. When connected to PC, this device can be arranged becomes ordinary external harddisk.

For some people, Archos 704 WiFi maybe can be said expensive even has figured in WiFi and WLAN. Besides, many accessories must be bought separately to enjoy the addition function. But, the presence of this French gadget may become great alternative as nowadays entertainment media. Especially for people who are need complete and mobile gadget.

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