Cowon D2 Review: Great Design and Performance

Cowon D2
It’s compact, elegant, and less of button. Cowon D2 MP4 player present with white color and silver line which looks so classy and at the same time minimalist. But minimalist impression not means it has minimalist facility. This device which it interface dominated by 2,5” screen carries touch screen like at PDA to operate it. You can use a stylus pen or your finger.

What about its performance? Actually, its sound quality is good enough, but it will better if uses better quality earphone. Especially the absence of internal speaker makes you must use earphone. When playing video, the picture also looks clear and bright. Scene run smooth enough. Unsatisfied with the picture size presented? Just connect the player to TV with A/V cable which unhappily must be bought separately.

As the complement there is also FM radio, voice recorder, picture viewer, and text reader. This gadget has 2 GB memory capacity (available also 4GB) and can be added again with external memory card. It’s potential enough as data storage. It read and writes performance is also fast enough.

As a whole, Cowon D2 gives new experience of MP4 player. Starts from the way of operation which is easy and more stylish, good performance, and also it compact size, makes we so like it. Especially its good battery endurance makes it good to owned as personal gadget.

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