Olympus FE-270 Review: One Button One Function

Olympus FE-270
The simplicity in operation button design makes this camera easy and quickly to operated. So, you can more focusing at moment and photo contents.

What is the requirement of an amateur photographer which wish to feel the experience of making a picture with digital camera? Certainly is a compact digital camera which easy to operated and equipped by facility which assisting to anticipate difficult situation in photo occasion.

Olympus answers the challenges with their newest camera, FE-270. The buttons represents one function only (one button one function) so facilitates user for quickly recognizes and access it. While the automatic photograph configuration (Scene-SCN) assists the user to anticipate specific photo condition with quickly. There are 15 scenes; some between it is a real useful and often to applied like Sport, Night Scene with Portrait, Sunset, and Portrait. Thereby, you will be able to more concentrating at the moment and photo content than get busy at camera various setting. But, don't be disappointed if you didn't find full manual photo mode (M), diaphragm priority (AV), shutter-speed priority (S).

Image stabilizer facility which working digitally, in our test is helps when making a picture of moving object or small object in short distance (macro). This camera provides a real near photograph distance, its reach 5 cm, so that the picture sharpness is hardly required. The lens at this camera has 3x optical zoom, equivalent with focal point 38-114 at SLR camera lens. I assume its enough to photograph requirement from landscape to portrait.

The internal memory capacity which only have 6,9 MB hardly limits the quality and number of photo frames. Hence, add xD type memory card which its slot is on Olympus FE-270 underside. Moreover, photo saving into internal memory always requires longer relative time than if it is kept into addition memory (external).

Video record facility at this camera is not too special, although its video frame measure which 640 X 480 pixel is the same with PAL MPEG2 video standard (720 X 576 pixels). Video play speed used is 15 frame per second. It’s equal to phone camera.

Guide mode at dial button will guide user in step by step when found a difficult photograph condition.

Olympus FE-270 successfully answers the requirement of newbie photographer segment which requiring camera usage easiness and reliable for various photograph conditions. But, in this camera there are no manual setting, thus less suited for you which desire to learn photography serious.

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Anonymous nintendo dsi r4 said ... (20 dhjetor 2009 në 9:31 e pasdites) : 

Nice stylish body, but that's all. Picture quality is horrible. Among more than 50 testshots using various modes, non is usable, all pictures are totally unsharp.


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