Canon IXUS860 IS Review: With Face-Detection Feature

Canon IXUS860 IS
Although digital camera progress has pass 10 megapixel number, Canon as famous producer still intensively releases the product under 10 megapixel classes. One of camera which present in our test laboratory are Canon IXUS860 IS. This series is countinues from Canon IXUS850 series which success enough.

One of difference from previous series is sensor with 8,3MB power. The absence of optical viewfinder is a purpose to give free space for 3 inch LCD. By that way, you will more pleasant to sees object display and menu on-screen. Other new thing is the Canon Digic III processor, with this technology enables camera to do face-detection till 9 faces. Besides, it’s still has other functions like optical image stabilization, red-eye correction, and video-capture with 30fps speed.

With the button placing still look like pocket camera generally, this series presents Canon multi-controller pad with ring (float to the surface) which encircling it for comfort when accessing it. More addition, if touched by thumb, the icon will emerge at screen which giving information about things will be selected if our thumbs press it. An innovation that is informative enough.

We impressed with IXUS860 IS performance. Start-up time to first picture shoot spend 0,9 seconds time. While for its subsequent time in around 1,6 second when flash lamp is on, on the contrary it takes 2,4 second when flash lamp is off. Besides, shutter lag reachs 0,4 second with high-contrast setting and 0,7 detik for low-contrast. From our test result, this camera takes 1,3 frame per second by ignoring size measurement and picture quality.

At ISO 200 value, IXUS860 IS can produced picture with good quality. When increase to ISO 400, noise is starts emerging. However, Canon cleverly soft it so that seems like snowy. Noise more visible when reach ISO 800, but picture detail can be produced well. When reach ISO 1600, or the maximum value, picture detail starts to disappear with so bad noise.

Attendance of IXUS860 IS is gives choice to you which requiring easy to use digital pocket camera. But for you which wish to learn more photography skill, none manual exposure possibly becomes main consideration. In few words, if you wishs point-and shoot camera which reliable enough by placing forward the simplicity without worries about megapixel level, hence IXUS860 IS it’s a good choice.

Canon IXUS860 IS Review
Price Range: $398
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Anonymous buy r4 ds said ... (28 janar 2010 në 11:01 e pasdites) : 

Well impressive performance and image quality, optical image stabilization and good face detection.It captures beautiful images with its wide, 3.8x optical zoom lens and ranks among the top compact cameras we've seen.


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