Sanyo PLC-XL50 Review: Shortest Projection Distance

Sanyo PLC-XL50
Sometimes the existence of projector narrows the room. The projector which requiring far enough shoot distance makes room felt congested.

The problems seem to be thought also by Sanyo, electronic company of Japan. Recently they launch a projector which suited for company which does not have big meeting room: Sanyo PLC-XL50.

Sanyo gives it title “World's Shortest Projection Distance”. For your info, to present projection object as wide as 80 inch, this projector only requires shoot distance to screen as far as 8 centimeter.

Mean, this projector can be drawn near until almost patch to screen. Hence, it also guarantees projection result which free of presenter shadow as result of projector lamp spotlights.

If compares to NEC WT610 projector. At 61 cm shoot distance, this projector only can present result of projection as wide as 78 inch.

Sanyo can double the shoot distance with more sophisticated projection technology. NEC WT610 only apply mirror to cut short shoot distance, while Sanyo PLC-XL50 applies combination between lenses and non-sferical mirror, or mirror which do not bounce electromagnetic impulse.

This projector applies LCD XGA machine (resolution 1024 x 768). Brightness level presented by it is reaching 2000 lumens.

As for its contrast ratio reaching 600 : 1. This is including bright for a LCD projector. Color presented from computer screen is sharply enough and still saves detail in video dark part.

What little bothering is noise and posterization effect when presenting skin color. Discoloration happened seen not gradual, but drastic.

Meanwhile, this projector built-in audio system shows result that is surprising enough. It can yield hard enough sound and fulfills a big room.

With the size 20 x 37,3 x 50 cm and weight 7,6 kilograms, this projector of course pertained heavy and big. This makes projector setting is more disturbingly compared to other projectors.

Besides, this projector remote control cannot take over mouse pointer function for merely opening the next presentation page. But, it also equipped some other addition, for example Easy Off Function and On-Start Function, so user can turn off and turn on it swiftly.

Moreover, Color Board Mode feature enables user to use color media so that screen do not always must having white color. For the security, it also provides Audio Alarm feature, which will give warning if there are any thief try to take the projector.

Sanyo PLC-XL50 Review
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