Sony DPF-D70 Review: Contemporary Design and Fun

Sony DPF-D70
For you that like to display photo at desk, this is the time move to more sophisticated media, namely digital frame. One of them is Sony DPF-D70. Besides having great full color display, your photo can be saved with secure in digitally.

Through 7 inches color LCD, with high resolution (800x400 pixel) plus aspect ratio 15:9, photo displayed seen so contrast and more life. You save until 500 pictures. Because this digital frame already planted with big enough (256 MB) internal memory. To maximize storage space, it’s available image resizing ability.

This peripheral provides multiple display, nine styles slideshow, clock, calendar and single image and index view mode. Moreover, most of memory card format is supports by this digital frame. This photo gadget can present 48 MB and 100MB picture, including JPEG and RAW format (SRF, SR2, ARW is preview only).

Sony DPF-D70 Review:
Features :
- 7" Digital Photo Frame with 800x480 resolution, 15:9 aspect ratio LCD Screen.
- 256MB of internal memory with optional image resizing to maximize internal memory.
- Multiple display modes, including nine slideshow styles, clock and calendar modes, and single image and index views.
- Supports most memory card formats and is equipped with a USB B-type connection.
- Decodes and displays up to 48 MegaPixel and 100MB images, including JPEG and RAW (preview only: SRF, SR2, ARW).
- Auto image rotation and the auto orientation sensor will detect whether the frame is sitting horizontally or vertically and automatically rotate images.
- The backlit SONY logo can be switched on/off

In the box
- DPF-D70 7in Digital Photo Frame
- AC adaptor
- Remote Control

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Blogger Brian said ... (26 qershor 2008 në 7:42 e paradites) : 

The Sony DPF-D70 digital photo frame straddles market segments to a degree due to the higher than average price for a 7” frame, but fewer features than competitors in the $140 area (Kodak offers an 8” model with WiFi for a few dollars more). The D70 offers a superior display though and more on-board memory than most frames this size. And the display is really where this model separates; it’s easily the best in its class. The Sony name also still carries a good deal of power, the brand-loyal won’t go wrong here.

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Blogger The Digital Guy said ... (10 korrik 2008 në 1:02 e pasdites) : 

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Anonymous Anonim said ... (9 shtator 2008 në 7:38 e paradites) : 

These frames are cool for indoor displays, but how about outdoor displays. I found some really unique Christmas Projectors and Halloween Projectors at this site called Holiday Projectors.


Anonymous Anonim said ... (29 janar 2009 në 3:16 e pasdites) : 

I have a Sony DPF. I love it and have about 8000 photos on it! I have found a neat software program that lets you simply caption all your vacation photos singly or many at a time very simply and it also can reduce large photos so they display perfectly without taking up all the frames memory. It is called QuickCaption and is at It's the most timesaving piece of software I have. I am sure your readers will be interested.


Anonymous picture framing said ... (22 shtator 2011 në 11:09 e paradites) : 

This one is truly looking one of the stunning Sony digital picture frame. As the coolest features and incredible contents of this are really looking with elegance. Thanks for sharing


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