Sansa Fuze Review: iPod Nano New Competitor

Sansa Fuze
SanDisk, the company from United States, is more familiar with its flash memory product. But, SanDisk have the other product which more interesting to be discussed. It’s the music player and portable media player which called Sansa.

Yes, Sansa certainly has interesting history as Apple iPod competitor. Some times ago, SanDisk adds Sansa line with new product so called Sansa Fuze. This new gadget projected to challenge the third generation iPod Nano.

Small Fuze is a smart gadget. It can play music, play video, view photo, listen FM radio (40 channel of radio station), play audio book, and becomes voice recorder.

All facility wrapped in a simple, tiny, and thin form. The thickness only 0,76 centimeters. This is the combination from various best feature founded at Sansa products before all, including it sound quality.

Actually, this music player design is not so special. It has 1,9 inches screen. Below the screen there is a playback button in wheel form and back button to main menu on the upper right. In under side there is MicroSD memory card slot which can increase the storage capacities.

Fuze is available in various fresh color choices: pink, red, black, blue, and silver. Sansa Fuze is a nice looking gadget, so that buyer will like its display, its ability, and its high value.

Fuze supports MP3, WAV, Audible, Windows Media Audio (WMA) music format, MPEG-4 video format, and JPEG photo format. This player is also compatible with Windows XP and Windows Vista.

At Macintosh and Linux, Fuze can work in MSC mode. The computer will read Fuze as external storage device.

Fuze can download music from the internet through music download service like Rhapsody To Go, Napster, and eMusic. Unhappily, it not supports iTunes.

SanDisk provides various capacities choices. It’s 2 GB, 4 GB and 8 GB capacities. Fuze 2 GB only available with black color, while Fuze 8 GB only available with silver color. As For Fuze 4 GB is available in all color, except the silver one.

SanDisk claims the Sansa Fuze battery can life until 24 hours nonstop when playing audio. It also can hold out to 5 hour if applied to play the video file.

With great and complete feature, price offered by Fuze is relatively competes the iPod Nano price, even cheaper than the price of iPod Shuffle. Maybe this is the alternative to all music lovers with sensitive budget.

Sansa Fuze Review
Price range: 2GB ($80), 4GB ($100), 8GB ($130)

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Anonymous benfoldstwo said ... (12 maj 2008 në 10:54 e paradites) : 

After reading reviews I decided to buy a Sansa Fuze from, the Sansa store, and I have used it everyday since I got it.


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