iRiver Swarovski Mplayer: Mickey with Crystal

iRiver Swarovski Mickey
In mid of 2007, iRiver launch Mplayer. Is a cute MP3 Player in the form of Mickey Mouse head which having 1GB memory capacity. Mplayer is available in attractive colors. Like pink, blue, white, black, and silver. The product is mostly loved by young girl consumer.

To welcomes Valentine and White Day moment, iRiver releases special edition of Mplayer. They decorate both ‘ear’ of Mickey which is functioning as song selector and volume button with colorful Swarovski crystal.

For this special series, iRiver releases ten designs at the same time. Altogether is having unique and funny colour. Some of the crystal is arranged in colorful circle pattern. Another crystal is arranged in Mickey head and heart shape.

Besides, there is one of its types which places the crystal in Mickey head and arranged it to crown forms. iRiver Mplayer special edition scheduled to sold starts in February 2008. Every of its unit is sold at US$ 152,22. It’s really a special gift in a special moment for the special one.

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