Creative Zen Stone Plus Review: A Granted Wish

Still remember with “mini stone” produced of Creative some time ago? Now Creative launch the “little brother” called Zen Stone Plus. “Plus” word adition of course has own meaning that is the extra function like FM radio, equalizer, voice recorder, and stopwatch. And most importantly, the presence of LCD screen at this gadget.

OLED screen format now is come outs with same size and circle form with access button in side of its. Even the coming up information still minimum, but its existence is helping enough. Moreover, with 2GB capacities makes this gadget as alternative storage media. Happily, its write/read speed is quick enough.

For audio quality is still similar from the previous series and comfort enough with its figured in earphone. Besides as entertainment gadget, Zen Stone Plus also can be uses at sports activities. With stopwatch function, you can do time measurement beside enjoy your favorite song.

Like a granted wish! Although still carrying MP3 character which is simple, This Zen Stone Plus version adds almost all insuffiencies at Zen Stone series. Though this addition followed also with price addition, but it’s still so interesting to have.

Creative Zen Stone Plus Review
Price Range: $70
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