BenQ Joybook R43 Review: Unique with Competitive Price

BenQ Joybook R43
City light beauty becomes the inspiration for BenQ in designing this Joybook R43. If you paid attention, at notebook up side there is combination of line and point pattern.

But this is not an ordinary pattern. Points at the pattern can be blaze, so that when combined with black color which covered notebook, will look like building lamp silhouette at town.

The unique, light power source to turn on the pattern is 'borrows’ screen backlight, so that doesn't require addition power consumption. Besides, its brightness level also depends on brightness setting which we do at notebook screen.

Joybook R43 is BenQ newest notebook for 14,1" class. This notebook has various segments, can be seen from its processor usage variant. Starting from Celeron to Core 2 Duo newest generation (Santa Rosa).

We test Joybook R43 with T7250 (2GHz) processor, 1GB memory, and 150GB harddisk. Price for this notebook is US$ 799 (without operating system), which can be said cheap for as of class notebook.

In fact, there is a reason behind the competitive price. Chipset applied by Joybook R43 is SiS 671DX, non chipset from Intel like the one is applied by other notebook in its class. The usage of chipset is a few influencing the performance.

Can be seen from the 3DMark 2006 result which only 122; not so good compared to notebook which uses Intel GM965 chipset that get scores 381. In other test application is also seen the weakness of Joybook R43 though processor applied by R43 is better.

A notebook standard facility has been available in this notebook, like Wi-Fi a/b/g, Bluetooth, Express Card, card reader, and DVD Writer. But there is no camera facility, so that you must apply separate Webcam to do video conference

After using it in few moments, we satisfy with this notebook design. The physical felt steady, without bothering heat. Its screen seen bright, whereas the speaker felt great when listens to music.

Only one is annoying, that is Ctrl button position which no longer positioned in left under and replaced by Fn button. We often to use Ctrl button when typing, so that disturbing enough when use Ctrl button in the new position.

Is your computing activity using many 3D application like playing game or watch HD Video? If yes, BenQ Joybook R43 is not suitable for you, because its 3D ability is not so good.

But if you do many office applications and internet browsing, this notebook is interesting choice. Not because its design, but also the price which so competitive. As comparison, as of class notebook like Acer Aspire 2920-301G25Mi is sold above US$ 1000. Celeron version from R43 only sold at US$ 569.

BenQ Joybook R43 Review
Price range: US$799
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo T7250 (2GHz, 2MB cache, 800MHz)
Chipset: Sis 671FX
Graphic Card: Sis 351 Mirage 128MB
Harddisk: IDE, Hitachi 150GB, 5400rpm
Optical drive: DVD Writer
Feature: Wi-Fi a/b/g, Bluetooth, Card reader, USB (3x), Express Card.
Display: 14,1", 1280x800 pixel
Sound Card: Realtek ALC883
Operation System: Windows Vista Home Premium
Battery: 4800 mAh
Dimension: 33x25,2x3,5-4,4 cm
Weight: 2,3 kgs

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