Sony Cybershot DSC T-70 Review: True Gadget

Sony Cybershot DSC T-70
Gadget which interpreted as a device to grasp felt fit attached to Sony Cybershoot T-70 digital camera, because its measure which really can be grasped. The body which made from aluminum alloy material also makes this camera felt steady.

Though optical zoom attached at lens is only 3X, but zooming mechanism designed to take place in camera body, makes this camera so brief and ergonomic. Besides made by famous lens factory of Carl-Zeiss, lens at Sony Cybershot equipped with image stabilizer mechanism which will prevent unfocused picture as the result of camera shake or photo without flash lamp.

Buttons size made to be small, causing a few difficulties for big finger user. This thing so disturbing, for example at the time of user will change lens focal length passed zoom button at top of camera body.

Most of navigation controls based on touch screen. LCD screen measure that is big enough makes touch screen function becomes so ease. Unfortunately, stylus is not available. Protector and stylus must be bought separately.

When we try makes a picture with best photo quality, interval time between shutter button releases pressing with photo recording almost not felt. We tolerate it, remember that Sony Cybershot DSC T-70 powered by Bionz processor which is functioning to quicken photo process and lessens noise at photo.

If at most compact digital camera class pixel is starts look plain and disturbs at ASA/ISO 400, hence at Sony Cybershot T-70 noise starts to stand-out at ASA 800. At bright weather and enough lights, Sony Cybershot gives rich color photo result. Meanwhile, picture quality at low lens focal length mode (small optical zoom number) shows more soft-focus characteristic than picture recorded with big lens focal length mode. As a whole, this camera gives photo result which tending has inclined contrast but richer tonal distribution (dark - bright) compared to other compact digital camera.

This digital camera also figures in face and smile detection facility. Smiling object can trigger photo taking. This facility can be deactivated if not required.

In our record ability test at available light condition, this camera difficult to find focus so that its result often not sharply. In condition like this, fill-in-light is hardly required.

As small size camera, Sony Cybershot DSC T-70 can give good record result. Its ability to minimize noise grain in ISO 400 making it remains great at minimum light condition. So, this camera is well-matched for user which required briefness and handy.

Cybershot DSC T-70 Review
Resolution (pixel): 8,286 Megapixel
Photo resolution (min/max): 640 x 480 pixel / 3264 x 2448 pixel
Video resolution (min/max): 320 x 240 pixel, 8,3 fps / 640 x 480 pixel, 30 fps
Record media: Memory Stick Duo, Memory Stick PRO Duo, Memory Stick PRO HG Duo
File format (photo/video): JPEG / MPEG1
Lens focal length (equivalent 35mm camera): 3X Optical zoom (38-114 mm), 6X digital zoom
Aperture (diaphragm): f/3.5 – F/4.3
ISO/ASA: 80 – 3200
Shutter Speed: 1/2 Second – 1/2000 second
Micro Focus: 1cm
View finder: No
LCD Diagonal: 3 inches (16:9)
Connection: USB 2.0, Dock
Battery: Lithium Ion
Battery charger: Yes
Dimension: 90 x 56,4 x 20,7 mm
Weight: 128 gram

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