eMotion Solar Review: Solar Energy Media Player

eMotion Solar
Global warming danger has triggered various people to move on, starts from ex vice president of USA Al Gore till Hollywood celebrity, like Brad Pitt, Keanu Reeves, and Leonardo DiCaprio, active in anti global warming campaign.

Gadget producer also partakes to provide environmental friendly product. Nokia has owned a cell phone concept which all of the material comes from recycle material. Besides, chip manufacturer Texas Instrument has planned to launch solar energy phone in this year.

MediaStreet Company also has the same spirit. They recently launch a solar energy music player and portable video, so called eMotion Solar. But the device doesn’t can only play music, photo, and video, it also able to play Nintendo game, Game Boy, Sega, and reads e-book.

Actually, this gadget has comes up first time Consumer Electronics Show, in Las Vegas, United States, January. Now, it has been sold in United States at the price of US$ 160 (1 GB), US$ 170 (2 GB), and US$ 190 (4 GB).

The design is not as sweet as the other media player, like iPod Touch, iRiver Clix, or Creative Zen Vision W. Its body is fat and having cochlea. When its cochlea is opened, a couple of solar cell will seen fulfills the both sides.

Just like PlayStation Portable or Game Boy, the gadget is equipped by navigation button on the left, and on the right is the face buttons, which consist of X, circle, box, and triangle button. The interface display is simple - if don’t want to be called awful.

It only plays MP3, WMA, WAV, and AMR music file format. Meanwhile, supported video file is AVI (25 frame per second) with resolution quality 320 x 240 pixels. This 3 inches media player cannot play AAC and DivX files. When playing around bonus clip from MediaStreet, video quality yielded is very good.

This gadget is also equipped with embedded classic game, like Super Mario Bros and Contra Force (Nintendo) and also Raiden Triad and Fighter 2 (Sega). It can play pictures with JPEG, BMP, and GIF file format. As for e-book feature not only as text reader, but is also equipped with text to speech reading feature in Chinese and English.

Besides USB port, this gadget has two headphone jack port and equipped with internal speaker. Unhappily, eMotion Solar do not provide special button to control the volume. Although provides SD Card memory slot, it do not support SDHC, so that user can only add memory capacity until 2 GB.

But, it has feature which not owned by other portable media player when running out the energy, that is battery energy refilling with only confronts its cochlea towards sunshine.
By putting it to the sun during 12-15 hours, this media player can be run in around 9 hour. Even, in a zero battery condition, eMotion Solar remain to playable during it stays precise under the sunshine.

From the energy which get from the sun, it also able to function as battery filler for other electronic gadget that using Lithium Ion battery. For example Apple iPod, various phone, PDA, laptop, or digital camera.

eMotion Solar Review
Price range: $169
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Anonymous great gadget said ... (16 janar 2009 në 9:23 e pasdites) : 

Though the design of this gadget is not as good as other gadgets like i pod but, it comes with other best features.


Anonymous Latest gadgets said ... (29 shtator 2010 në 7:51 e paradites) : 

Solar powered gadgets are really popular nowadays. I'm having a lot of good stuffs happening here with gadgets!


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