HP Pavilion TX1209 Review: New Tablet PC from HP

HP Pavilion TX1209
Do you still remember about Tablet PC? This gadget form is like notebook, but has touch screen, so the input process - like writing or drawing - can be done above the screen uses stylus. But if you rather forgot with Tablet PC, we can understand it. The Tablet PC popularity nowadays is decline if compared to the launch time in 2002. IDC data also shows that sale of Tablet PC in 2007 is around 3,3 million units, or only 1,2% from total sale of all PC in around the world.

But the Tablet PC sale fact doesn't make big manufacturer delays their newest Tablet PC launch. One of it is HP which launches Pavilion TX1209. This US$ 1484 gadget has 12,1 inches screen with widescreen format, and equipped by AMD Turion TL-58 (1,9GHz), RAM DDR2 1GB and graphic card nVidia GeForce 6150 (onboard).

First time use it, we directly impressed with HP accuracy in designing this gadget. To change from notebook to Tablet PC, the process is so easy because the axis which felt smooth and flexible to be turned around. You wouldn’t get difficulty to change screen display (from landscape to portrait position and on the contrary), because the existence of arrow symbolic button in screen side. HP also carefully designs every button (Power, WiFi, and the multimedia application) in sides of notebook so that easy to access in notebook and also Tablet PC mode.

But when applies it, we also discovers some TX1209 lacking, mainly when working as Tablet PC. One of them its weight which reaching 2,1 kgs, so heavy for 12,1 inches notebook class. Besides we also discover that the air output from heat firing canal felt hot enough. Both constraints make the usage of this peripheral as Tablet PC felt unable to please.

Its performance as notebook also can be said average. The battery endurance is also less ideal if you often apply this peripheral outside room.

Honestly, we are not a Tablet PC fans, and the presence of HP Pavilion TX 1290 not changing our opinion. In performance side, this product is not special, and still be added by it weight and temperature which bothering it use. The presence of Multi-touch touch screen technology applied by iPhone also makes touch screen technology in tablet PC felt very old.

HP Pavilion TX1209 Review
Price range: $1484
Processor: AMD Turion64 X2 TL-58 (1,9GHz)
Graphic Card: nVidia GeForce Go 6150
Harddisk: 160GB, SATA
Optical drive: DVD Writer SuperMultu (DVD±R 8x)
Display: 12,1 inci (1280x800 pixel)
Sound card: HD Audio, Realtek ALC62
Dimension: 30,6x22,6x4 cm
Weight: 2,1 kg
Feature: WiFi, Bluetooh, Card reader, USB (3 port), WebCam (1,3MP), Express Card, S-Video, Fingerprint scanner, Expansion Port 3

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