Electrolux Inspiro Review: Smart Oven

Electrolux Inspiro
Imagine how hard to grilling cake or food in oven if we don’t know the best temperature and right time to give the fine result. If oven can do itself, maybe only Electrolux which able to make it.

Newest oven made by Electrolux named Inspiro. It can automatically determine correct way to cook and produces result wanted.

It has program which arranging temperature based on the food type in it.

Not like conventional way, that is air temperature is measured with thermometer and implemented regularly by thermostat, Inspiro applies sensor. This is the sensor which calculating most accurate combination between energy consumptions and time required to yield correct temperature.

This way similar to automatic digital camera works. Camera automatically arranges lens diaphragm, shutter speed, and focus based on lighting level and its photo object.

"When auto-exposure and auto-focus can be said as new feature at camera, quite a few people who is skeptic," said Hans Stråberg, Electrolux Chief Executive Officer. "But, along with time, auto-focus has been received and now becomes the standard feature."

Straberg tells furthermore, as at camera, Inspiro oven user only needs to push one buttons for professional result.

To cooks mutton. For example, user chooses roasting category at the oven touch control. User also can choose will the mutton be cooked in rare, medium, or well done.

Then oven will indicate the correct level to grill the flesh. Oven itself is still in cool condition.

Go from this chill start, Inspiro calculates energy consumption and time required to boost up flesh temperature until cooked level wanted.

The information then is combined with cooking technique database which saves in oven to calculate warm-up mode combination required for result wanted, for example, top, under, beside, hot weather, or grills.

When cooks process completed, oven will stop automatically. It also soon releases warning for user that food has ready to be presented.

"With Inspiro, Electrolux has transferred professional cooking technique to houses," said Christian Mittermeier, a famous chef in Germany. "No oven which able to combine top, under, beside, and grills by one menus without stopping and turning on again its oven."

According to figure which has applied Inspiro in its house and restaurant, the oven can work with high precision level. It also can be applied easily by common people. If wish to cook conventionally, Inspiro also provides manual mode.

As bonus, Electrolux provides a number of recipes in its site ( for Inspiro buyer. The recipe for example, tar apple for the vegetarian, chicken curry with mint, baked sheep with Mediterranean vegetable, and muffin. Inspiro would available in market with the price of around $2000.

Electrolux Inspiro Review
Price range: $2000
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