Xacti CA65 Review: Another Waterproof Camcorder

Xacti CA65
Here you are the 6 megapixel pocket camcorder which great for rain season. Not only drizzling rain, brought to snorkeling until 1,5 meter deep, or even having snow skating also not a problem. Its unnecessary protects this Sanyo Xacti CA65 in underwater casing when recording video clip.

Be knowledgeable, this camcorder with 2,5 inch TFT LCD which able to be turned around to 285º have been water proof designed. So in rain, swims and also when snorkeling, you can be still record without need to worry your camcorder to become broken.

But, Sanyo reminds in order not to souse this Xacti CA65 in water for more than one hour, as well as having to lets it minimum 10 minutes dry before using it again. Other note is to pay attention to water temperature, which may not be above than 40ºC. Of course, battery slot and memory card may not be opened applies wet hand.

Its Super Macro Mode enabling shot in around 1cm distance from subject when lens arranged at wide angle. For long shot, use its 5X optical zoom. When recording video (VGA, 640x480), photo at 6 megapixel resolution also can be taken. Moreover, 6 megapixel pictures can be taken at ISO 1600.

With 7,04x11,14x4,05 cm dimension, CA65 is not too big when grasped so that can accompanies you to record anywhere. This Xacti CA65 which using Secure Digital memory card is available in three color choices: white, yellows, and turquoise.

Xacti CA65 Review
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