Sleeptracker Review: Not Ordinary Watch Alarm

Many people now depend on alarm as a gadget to rouse from sleep. They use hand watch, organizer, cellphone or PDA.

But, frequently the alarm sound is neglectful. Sometime they only shutdown the sound, then is fallen asleep again.

To avoid this awful case, a new hand watch is created. Its name is Sleeptracker. This watch will rouse the user at the most effective and accurate time.

Sleeptracker can monitor body signals, what indicates the user is sleeping or is being in a active condition. It detects through a sensor which watching body physical signals.

Then Sleeptracker will determine the right time to rouse its user. So, the business would effective.

Bases on theoretical which becoming Sleeptracker creation base, when sleep usually someone through some steps. First phase is luminosity sleep phase.

Second phase is a phase when someone is sleeps more well-sleep. As for at third and fourth phase, someone is enter delta phase (delta sleep). In this phase people is asleep considerably well-sleep.

The next phase is rapid eye movement (REM), which located between the awaking condition and first phase. At this phase people is dreaming.

This step marked with psychological change and symptoms, like brain activity improvement, respiration acceleration, faster eye movement, and muscle relaxation.

In one sleep periods along eight hours, in average adult are experiences 4-5 steps cycles. But, every body has different cycle. This influenced by some factors, among others gender, diet, athletics, drug consumption, alcohol, and stress.

So, among the cycle, there are certain momentums when someone almost awakes. This condition can be triggered by external influence, like noise sound.

But condition of almost awakes usually happened at REM phase. This happened briefest, that is around 20 seconds only. So, at the time is very effective to be aroused someone.

Sleeptracker also sounds the alarm voice or vibration feature. The user would easy to be aroused from its sleep.

Do not like ordinary alarm setting, Sleeptracker user must determine certain time period when alarm is on. The watch will check off the momentum to almost awake with the alarm period setting.

With the method, man who aroused also will feel fresher when he really awaking. "I have proved that I can wake up with fresh without feeling Lethargy," said Seoung-Koo Y. from Lynchburg, Virginia, one of Sleeptracker user.

Sleeptracker is available in two models: Sleeptracker standard (US$ 149) and Sleeptracker Pro (US$ 179).

Both is water proof. But, Sleeptracker standard only be equipped by alarm. As for model Pro is equipped also with vibration feature

Not only that, Sleeptracker Pro also can record the user data when is being in asleep condition for then transfer it through USB cable. User also can evaluate and analyses its condition at the time of sleep.

Sleeptracker Review
Price range: Sleeptracker standard (US$ 149), Sleeptracker Pro (US$ 179).
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