Olympus SP560UZ Review: Supreme Lens

Olympus SP560UZ
For compact digital camera class, reach angle from Olympus SP560UZ lens felt special. Can be seen from its 18X optical zoom number which equivalent with lens focal length 27-486 mm at 35 mm camera. This focal length is ideal to record nature panorama, sports photo, or even animal photo.

This focal length number can increase if at lens is attached by tele converter TCON-017 series and ring adapter CLA-10 (optional) and will make lens focal length to reach 826 mm. If it combined with digital zoom feature, hence Olympus SP560UZ will have focal length till 4626 mm. At our test, several times this camera experiences slow focusing process when lens positioned at highest focal length (optical zoom 3X).

To get best photo result, when making a picture of moving object, it is better if you applies Sport/Action photo mode in order to get high shutter speed for balance the camera shaking and freezes object movement. If needed, activates the burst facility at Olympus SP560UZ to record some frame at the same time (15 frames per second) in once shutter release buttons. To anticipate camera shake which can cause blur photo, this camera figures in image stabilizer mechanism which will change light sensor position and powered by TruePic III processor.

One of superior feature at Olympus SP560UZ is Shadow Adjustment. In our test, this feature is functioning well and so helping to correcting shadow at object which out of reach by fill-in-light. Similar function with Shadow Adjustment is Face Detection mode. This function will detect the existence of face people at shoot frame and automatically gives ideal lighting for face. Moreover, Smile Shot photo mode detects smile at the face in shoot frame, then triggers shutter release. However, Olympus SP560UK still having weakness when recording high contrast object. At border part of contrast photo (usually is border line between darks and bright part) there is often a color that disturbing. This thing called as chromatic abrasion. At our test, chromatic abrasion comes up in purple trim lines form.

If you will make a picture with slow shutter speed or even with long lighting time (bulb), we suggest to apply low ISO/ASA style. In our test, photo with long lighting time and high ISO will make pixel becomes harsh so causing TruePic processor to do noise reducing. Picture will become blur and losing the detail.

As a whole, at enough light condition, this camera is good enough to records color.

Olympus SP560UZ gives good enough result. Suitable for user that love to travel and require various record angles like panorama and also significant photo object enlargement.

Olympus SP560UZ Review
Resolution (pixel): 8,0 Megapixel
Photo resolution (min/max): 640 x 480 pixel / 3264 x 2448 pixel
Video resolution (min/max): 320 x 240 pixel, 15 fps / 640 x 480 pixel, 30 fps
Record media: - xD Card
- Internal memory 47 MB
File format (photo/video/audio): RAW, JPEG / AVI / WAV
Lens focal length (equivalent 35mm camera): 18X Optical zoom (27-486 mm), 5,6X digital zoom
Aperture (diaphragm): f/2.8 – F/4.5
ISO/ASA: 50 – 3200
Shutter Speed: 1/2 second – 1/2000 second
Macro focus: 1cm (Super macro)
View finder: Yes, with diopter correction facility
LCD Diagonal: 2,5 inches
Connection: USB 2.0
Battery: AA (4X)
Battery charger: Yes
Dimension; 116 x 78,5 x 78 mm
Weight: 365 gram

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