APC UPB10 Review: Extra Power for Gadget

Traveling and bringing gadget of course makes journey becoming pleases. But, sometimes, limitation of battery energy makes troublesome.

One of the solutions is bring battery and backup charger. A lot of product in the market, one of them is made in American Power Conversion Corp. (APC), a company that existing in network business, battery, and data center.

APC recently launches UPB10 Mobile Power Pack. It is a extra energy for many kinds of gadget. Besides, compared to other product, like PPS-130 from Battery Geeks, it is far cheaper.

Its form is square and thin with snugly dimension in pocket. Battery with black glossy plastic material is quite bigger than RAZR phone made in Motorola.

On the top there is a LED lamp line, which is battery energy status indicator. This indicator can be turned on with a chrome button in tip of lamp.

APC makes this battery with lithium polymer technology which shatterproof and cheaper. It can take in more energy and brief enough charging time: between 3 and 4 hour.

To fill the battery energy, just connect UPB10 to AC adapter which connected to electrics source. LED Lamp will show it’s the power is full or still must be charged.

UPB10 is ready to become backup battery for gadget which having USB port, Mini USB, or USB-Dock cable. When connected, hence UPB10 will add the energy of phone, PDA, and MP3 player.

It can add 55 hours power for iPod Nano and 10 hours for phone.

Unfortunately, not all USB cables is compatible to paired to UPB10. For example, when I try to makes it as backup battery of Palm Centro, Palm USB-Dock cable cannot flow energy from this peripheral.

UPB10 is also able to use as charger by the way connecting it to gadget or laptop through USB cable. Then, connect it to electrics source through AC adapter.

The problem, per 15 minutes it will enter sleep mode, so that user must press the Status button so recharge process run again. This condition of course disturbs because recharge process must be monitored.

APC UPB10 Review
Type: Lithium polymer
Maximum age: 2-4 years
Dimension: 99 x 64 x 14 mm
Weight: 0,09 kilograms
Color: Black
Area of operation: 0-40 degree Celsius’s
Storage temperature: 0-40 degree Celsius’s
Price range: US$ 60

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Blogger summer lyra miles said ... (22 tetor 2013 në 10:35 e pasdites) : 

This review was really good. I've got an interest to buy one. Thanks for sharing.



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